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Trivia Quiz - Royals Behaving Badly

Scandal and British Royalty have long been bedfellows. Match the following indignities with the royals involved.

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Date Submitted: February 02, 2013
Quiz Categories: Royalty, British Royalty
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Author: grant228
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Royals Behaving Badly
(Image Source: Prince Charles)

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1. Which English king lost his virginity at 14, officially had no children but fathered at least 12 illegitimate offspring?
  A.   James I
  B.   Edward V
  C.   Charles II
  D.   Henry VII

2. Prince Charles was taped in 1989 expressing his desire to be what part of Camilla Parker-Bowles intimate belongings?
  A.   panties
  B.   diaphragm
  C.   bra
  D.   tampon

3. Which future English king was called as a witness in a divorce case in 1870?
  A.   George V
  B.   Edward VII
  C.   Edward VIII
  D.   George VI

4. Which English king was regularly stricken with bouts of insanity?
  A.   William IV
  B.   George III
  C.   Henry VIII
  D.   James II

5. Which king was accused of murdering two princes in The Tower of London to enable his succession to the throne?
  A.   Henry II
  B.   Richard II
  C.   Henry III
  D.   Richard III

6. Which English king was a fan of Hitler, having visited Germany with his wife during the 1930s?
  A.   Edward VIII
  B.   George V
  C.   George VI
  D.   Edward VII

7. Princess Anne is one of the few British royals to have recorded a criminal conviction. What was her crime?
  A.   Drunk driving
  B.   Failure to control a dog in a public place
  C.   Indecent language in a public place
  D.   Littering

8. Before becoming King of England, who had his wife imprisoned for the remainder of her life for engaging in an extramarital affair?
  A.   George I
  B.   Richard I
  C.   Henry I
  D.   William I

9. Edward VIII renounced the British throne in 1936 to marry the woman he loved. What was her name?
  A.   Barnes Wallis
  B.   Spencer Wallis
  C.   Wallis Simpson
  D.   Simpson Barnes

10. Which member of the British Royal Family in 2010 was caught selling access to her ex-husband for 500,000 pounds?
  A.   Duchess of Windsor
  B.   Duchess of Clarence
  C.   Duchess of York
  D.   Duchess of Kent®   

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