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Trivia Quiz - Prince Albert - Husband of Queen Victoria

Prince Albert was the devoted husband, advisor and confidante to his wife, Queen Victoria. Ten questions on the man who changed the face of British Royalty.

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Date Submitted: October 08, 2013
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Prince Albert  Husband of Queen Victoria

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1. Prince Albert was born in 1819 in what country?
  A.   Germany
  B.   Austria
  C.   England
  D.   France

2. At the age of 7 what traumatic event occurred to Prince Albert?
  A.   He accidentally shot his brother.
  B.   His father died.
  C.   His mother was sent away never seeing her children again.
  D.   His family fled to France to escape a peasant uprising.

3. In 1840 Prince Albert married Queen Victoria who was related to him in what way?
  A.   They were second cousins.
  B.   Victoria was his niece.
  C.   He was her third cousin, twice removed.
  D.   They were first cousins.

4. Prince Albert took a more active role in advising his wife in matters of state after the death of which Prime Minister?
  A.   Robert Peel
  B.   Lord Melbourne
  C.   Viscount Palmerston
  D.   Benjamin Disraeli

5. In 1851, Prince Albert was the force behind what great 19th Century initiative?
  A.   The construction of the Manchester Ship canal.
  B.   The first America's Cup race
  C.   The creation of the Dr Barnados scheme
  D.   The Great Exhibition of London

6. In 1857, Queen Victoria bestowed what title on her husband?
  A.   King Consort
  B.   Duke of York
  C.   Prince Consort
  D.   Prince of Wales

7. Prince Albert was a forward thinker and advocated a knighthood for which controversial 19th Century figure?
  A.   Charles Dickens
  B.   Charles Darwin
  C.   William Wilberforce
  D.   Lord Shaftesbury

8. Prince Albert persuaded his wife to acquire what well known British castle?
  A.   Sandringham
  B.   Blenheim
  C.   Balmoral
  D.   Windsor

9. Prince Albert died at the young age of 42 after fathering nine children with Queen Victoria. What was the cause of death?
  A.   cancer
  B.   heart attack
  C.   typhoid
  D.   cholera

10. Prince Albert requested no memorials be left in his name - a request that was ignored. Which of the following was not named after him?
  A.   Albert Hall in London
  B.   Albert Memorial in London
  C.   Mt Albert in Australia
  D.   Lake Albert in Africa®   

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