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Trivia Quiz - Prince Andrew, Duke of York

What do you know about Prince Andrew, Duke of York?

Quiz Number: 3908
Date Submitted: April 04, 2011
Quiz Categories: British Royalty
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: charles
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Quiz is about: Prince Andrew

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Prince Andrew Duke of York
(Image Source: Prince Andrew)

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1. What is Prince Andrew's full name?
  A.   Andrew Edward George Harold
  B.   Andrew Harold Arthur Albert
  C.   Andrew Albert Christian Edward
  D.   Andrew Henry Edward George

2. Which king was Prince Charles's maternal grandfather?
  A.   George V
  B.   Henry VIII
  C.   George VI
  D.   Edward VIII

3. From January to June 1977, Prince Andrew participated in an exchange programme to Lakefield College School. Where is this school located?
  A.   Canada
  B.   Wales
  C.   Scotland
  D.   Australia

4. What Royal Navy officer's academy did Prince Andrew attend?
  A.   RNTE Shotley
  B.   Royal Naval Academy
  C.   Royal Naval Engineering College
  D.   Britannia Royal Naval College

5. Where did Prince Andrew marry Sarah Ferguson in 1986?
  A.   Sunninghill Park
  B.   Dolphin House
  C.   Royal Lodge
  D.   Westminster Abbey

6. Prince Andrew fathered two children with Sarah Ferguson. What are their names?
  A.   Sarah and Geraldine
  B.   Beatrice and Eugenie
  C.   Catherine and Margaret
  D.   Anne and Martha

7. In what combat role did Prince Andrew serve in The Falklands War in 1982?
  A.   helicopter pilot
  B.   tank commander
  C.   drill commander
  D.   flight instructor

8. On 19 February, his 50th birthday, Prince Andrew was promoted to what military rank?
  A.   Admiral
  B.   Rear Admiral
  C.   Commander
  D.   Lieutenant

9. What is Prince Andrew's favourite past time?
  A.   golf
  B.   tennis
  C.   soccer
  D.   rugby

10. Of what football squad is Prince Andrew an avid supporter?
  A.   Portsmouth
  B.   Norwich City
  C.   Bristol City
  D.   Hull City®   

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