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Trivia Quiz - Prince Harry of Wales

What do you know about Prince Harry?

Quiz Number: 3903
Date Submitted: April 01, 2011
Quiz Categories: British Royalty
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 60 percent
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Quiz is about: Prince Harry

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Prince Harry of Wales
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1. What is Prince Harry's real name?
  A.   Henry Charles George David
  B.   Henry Charles Albert David
  C.   Henry Phillip Albert David
  D.   Henry Charles Phillip David

2. In what two countries did Prince Harry spend a good deal of his gap year?
  A.   Australia and Lesotho
  B.   Australia and Canada
  C.   New Zealand and Australia
  D.   Canada and New Zealand

3. Prince Harry was commissioned as a second lieutenant into the Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry Regiment. In what specialty was he trained?
  A.   drill commander
  B.   flight instructor
  C.   tank commander
  D.   combat instructor

4. How many days did Prince Harry spend on the front line in the Afghan War
  A.   52 days
  B.   77 days
  C.   92 days
  D.   164 days

5. Which of the following is not one of Prince Harry's favourite pastimes?
  A.   polo
  B.   skiing
  C.   motocross
  D.   hand ball

6. For what professional English Premier League football club does Prince Harry route?
  A.   Chelsea
  B.   Blackburn Rovers
  C.   Manchester United
  D.   Arsenal

7. To what rank was Prince Harry promoted on April 16, 2008?
  A.   lieutenant
  B.   sargent
  C.   major
  D.   corporal

8. Who is Prince Harry's famous brother?
  A.   Andrew
  B.   Phillip
  C.   Charles
  D.   William

9. In an interview conducted for his 21st birthday, Harry referred to whom as his girlfriend?
  A.   Beverley Davy
  B.   Kate Middleton
  C.   Chelsy Davy
  D.   Autumn Kelly

10. In what year was Prince Harry born?
  A.   1979
  B.   1981
  C.   1984
  D.   1988®   

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