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Trivia Quiz - Anne Boleyn - Doomed Queen of England

Anne Boleyn became the second wife of Henry VIII and paid a terrible price for the privilege. Ten questions on her short but eventful life.

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Date Submitted: November 12, 2013
Quiz Categories: British Royalty, British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Anne Boleyn  Doomed Queen of England

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1. As a teenager Anne Boleyn spent time in the court of which country?
  A.   Spain
  B.   Belgium
  C.   Portugal
  D.   France

2. Returning to the English court, Anne Boleyn attracted the romantic attention of which Lord?
  A.   Robert Graham
  B.   Oscar Dudley
  C.   David Herbert
  D.   Henry Percy

3. Who introduced Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn?
  A.   Anne's brother, George
  B.   Catherine of Aragon
  C.   Anne's sister, Mary
  D.   Thomas Cranmer

4. What was unusual about the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn?
  A.   They were married before Henry was divorced from Catherine of Aragon.
  B.   There were no witnesses to their marriage except the priest who married them.
  C.   Henry accepted a ring from his wife - the first English king to do so.
  D.   All the above

5. Although never proven, what claim was made about Anne Boleyn?
  A.   She spoke in tongues.
  B.   She was a spy for the Spanish court.
  C.   She had poisoned her younger sister.
  D.   She had an extra finger and nipple.

6. What was the name of the child Anne Boleyn gave birth to?
  A.   Mary
  B.   Elizabeth
  C.   Matilda
  D.   Anne

7. What contributed to Henry VIII's disenchantment with Anne Boleyn?
  A.   The arrival of Jane Seymour to the court
  B.   Anne's delivery of a still-born son
  C.   Anne's stubborn and argumentative personality
  D.   all the above

8. When put on trial, Anne Boleyn was charged with what crime?
  A.   adultery
  B.   conspiracy
  C.   incest
  D.   all the above

9. How was Anne Boleyn executed on May 19, 1536?
  A.   hanged
  B.   burnt at the stake
  C.   beheaded
  D.   drowned as a witch

10. What legal anomaly was created by the court that tried Anne Boleyn?
  A.   It decreed the marriage of Henry and Anne null and void
  B.   It deemed Anne's daughter illegitimate
  C.   It removed the title of "Queen" from Anne Boleyn
  D.   It ruled Catherine of Aragon to be Henry's first and only wife.®   

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