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Trivia Quiz - Princess Diana: Classy Lady

See if your really a fan of Princess Diana and the Royal Family

Quiz Number: 1411
Date Submitted: July 05, 2007
Quiz Categories: British Royalty
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 58.3 percent
Times Taken: 670 times
Taken by Registered Users: 25
Quiz is about: Diana Spencer

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Princess Diana Classy Lady
(Image Source: Diana Spencer @ Lady

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1. What is Princess Diana's middle name?
  A.   Margaret
  B.   Susan
  C.   Frances
  D.   Linda

2. When was Princess Di born?
  A.   July 1, 1960
  B.   July 2, 1961
  C.   July 2, 1960
  D.   July 1, 1961

3. Where were Princess Di and Prince Charles married?
  A.   Buckingham Palace
  B.   St. Paul's Cathedral
  C.   Southwark Cathedral
  D.   Westminster Cathedral

4. When was William, the first son of Princess Di, born?
  A.   June 21, 1981
  B.   June 22, 1981
  C.   June 21, 1982
  D.   June 22, 1982

5. Her second son, Harry, was born when?
  A.   Sept 14, 1984
  B.   Sept 15, 1984
  C.   Sept 14, 1985
  D.   Sept 15, 1985

6. As a young girl, Diana Spencer wanted to be what?
  A.   a teacher
  B.   a ballerina
  C.   a doctor
  D.   a lawyer

7. Which model did Di invite to dinner at Buckingham Palace because William had a secret crush on her?
  A.   Elle MacPherson
  B.   Cindy Crawford
  C.   Christie Brinkley
  D.   Kate Moss

8. Princess Di was a distant relative of what actor?
  A.   Clark Gable
  B.   Frank Sinatra
  C.   James Cagney
  D.   Humphrey Bogart

9. Diana referred to Camilla Parker Bowles as what?
  A.   pitbull
  B.   worm
  C.   rottweiler
  D.   snake

10. Princess Di and Prince Charles were divorced in what year?
  A.   1994
  B.   1995
  C.   1996
  D.   1997®   

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