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Trivia Quiz - Sarah, Duchess of York

What do you know about Sarah, Duchess of York?

Quiz Number: 3911
Date Submitted: April 05, 2011
Quiz Categories: British Royalty
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Sarah Ferguson

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Sarah Duchess of York
(Image Source: Sarah Ferguson @ TVScoop)

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1. What is Sarah Ferguson's full name?
  A.   Sarah Jane Ferguson
  B.   Sarah Anne Ferguson
  C.   Sarah Marie Ferguson
  D.   Sarah Margaret Ferguson

2. From what London college did Sarah Ferguson graduate?
  A.   Queen's Secretarial College
  B.   University of London
  C.   King's College
  D.   Southwark College

3. Sarah Ferguson worked for a few different places before her marriage to Prince Andrew. Which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   art gallery
  B.   public relations firm
  C.   fashion design company
  D.   publishing company

4. Sarah Ferguson has created several books and animated children’s television programmes starring a character named Budgie. What is Budgie?
  A.   tug boat
  B.   helicopter
  C.   tow truck
  D.   bulldozer

5. Where did Sarah Ferguson marry Prince Andrew in 1986?
  A.   Sunninghill Park
  B.   Dolphin House
  C.   Royal Lodge
  D.   Westminster Abbey

6. Prince Andrew fathered two children with Sarah Ferguson. What are their names?
  A.   Sarah and Geraldine
  B.   Beatrice and Eugenie
  C.   Catherine and Margaret
  D.   Anne and Martha

7. For what weight watching company was Sarah Ferguson a spokesperson?
  A.   Body for Life
  B.   Medical Weight Loss
  C.   Jenny Craig, Inc.
  D.   Weight Watchers

8. In 1993, Sarah Ferguson founded a charity organization that "exists to improve the lives of children around the world affected by conflict, deprivation, poverty or other hidden crises, by working in partnership with local communities to provide education,
  A.   Children in Crisis
  B.   Caring for Children
  C.   Save the Children
  D.   Feed the Children

9. February 2007, Sarah, Duchess of York, was named Mother of the Year by what organization?
  A.   Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
  B.   Ronald McDonald House
  C.   American Mothers, Inc.
  D.   American Cancer Society

10. Complete the following quote from Sarah Ferguson, "________ comes from understanding that the obstacles in front of you are not going to go away."
  A.   Humility
  B.   Maturity
  C.   Bravery
  D.   Sincerity®   

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