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Trivia Quizzes - Authors

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Albert Camus - Individualistic French WriterLiterature, Authors  grant2284363.5
3 Anthony B. HerbertAuthors, Vietnam War, Korean War, American MilitaryAnthony B Herbert  patrickryan10468.8
4 Author - Character MatchFiction Books, Authors  scarlettem12453
5 Banjo Paterson - The Voice of the Australian BushHistory, Literature, Authors, Australian History  grant2286549.7
6 Beatrix Potter - Creator of Peter RabbitLiterature, Authors, British AuthorsBeatrix Potter  grant2287962.5
7 Charles Baudelaire: Influential French PoetAuthorsCharles Baudelaire  Suzie James Hall9751.9
8 Charles Dickens' CharactersLiterature, Authors, British Authors  grant2285062.2
9 Classic Literature: Title-Author Match Part 2Literature, Authors  grant2281463.6
10 Dorothy Parker - Wit ExtraordinaireLiterature, American Culture, AuthorsDorothy Parker  grant2285544
11 Ernest Hemingway - Muscular WriterAmerican History, Literature, American Culture, Authors, American AuthorsErnest M Hemingway  grant2284357.2
12 Ernest Hemingway: "Papa"Authors, American AuthorsErnest M Hemingway  patrickryan5965.4
13 F Scott FitzgeraldAmerican Authors, Authors  grant2284260.7
14 Famous Authors Match GameAuthors  lmcubs11458
15 Famous July 4th BirthdaysSports, Movie Stars, Authors, Television Stars  solitaire5458
16 Frankenstein - The NovelLiterature, Authors  grant228363.3
17 Fyodor Dostoevsky - Russian NovelistHistory, Literature, Authors, Russian HistoryFyodor M Dostoevsky  grant2284351.9
18 George OrwellLiterature, Authors, British AuthorsGeorge Orwell  grant2284654.6
19 H. G. Wells - "The Father of Futurism"Literature, Authors, British Authors  grant2282151
20 Hafiz QuotesLiterature, AuthorsHafiz E Sirazi  zendyk1731.2
21 Harriet Beecher Stowe - U S Author and Social ConscienceHistory, American Civil War, Literature, American Culture, AuthorsHarriet B Stowe  grant2284038.3
22 Henry David ThoreauLiterature, American Culture, Authors, American AuthorsHenry D Thoreau  grant2288562.9
23 Henry Lawson - The Bard from the BushLiterature, Authors, Australian History  grant228260
24 Horror Book AuthorsFiction Books, Authors  dave15471.5
25 J. M. Barrie - Creator of Peter PanLiterature, Authors  grant228260
26 Jonathan Swift - Sharp-eyed SatiristHistory, Literature, Authors, British HistoryJonathan Swift  grant22821749.5
27 Karl Marx - The Father of CommunismAuthors, German HistoryKarl H Marx  grant22843555.7
28 L.M. Montgomery: Canadian AuthorAuthorsL.M. Montgomery  scarlettem8264.9
29 Leo and Sofya Tolstoy - A strained relationship!History, Authors  grant228353.3
30 Leo Tolstoy - Giant of Russian LiteratureLiterature, Authors, Russian HistoryLeo N Tolstoy  grant22811450.4
31 Literary Odd One OutFiction Books, Authors  grant2286660.9
32 Lord Byron - Leading Romantic PoetLiterature, Authors, British History  grant22823947.4
33 Malcolm X: Civil Rights LeaderAmerican History, American Culture, AuthorsMalcolm X  patrickryan4755.1
34 Mark Twain - His wit and wisdomLiterature, AuthorsMark Twain  grant2283142.3
35 Mark Twain: Greatest American HumoristAmerican Culture, Authors, American AuthorsMark Twain  patrickryan9057.9
36 Montaigne - French PhilosopherLiterature, Authors, French History  grant228544
37 Niccolò di Bernardo dei MachiavelliAuthors, Italian HistoryNiccolò Machiavelli  patrickryan4963.9
38 Omar Khayyam QuotesLiterature, AuthorsOmar Khayyam  zendyk1934.2
39 Oscar Wilde: Irish Author & PoetAuthorsOscar Wilde  grant2285448.9
40 P L Travers - The Creator of Mary PoppinsLiterature, Children's Books, Authors  grant2282355.7
41 Pen Names of Famous WritersLiterature, Authors  grant22818051
42 Ralph Waldo Emerson - U S poet, essayist and philosopherHistory, American History, Literature, Authors, American AuthorsRalph W Emerson  grant2284459.1
43 Robert Louis Stevenson - "Tusitala"Literature, Authors, British AuthorsRobert L Stevenson  grant2281348.5
44 Rudyard Kipling - British Imperial WriterHistory, Literature, Authors, British History  grant2281560
45 Rumi QuotesLiterature, AuthorsJalal ad-Din Rumi  zendyk3820.8
46 Samuel Johnson - Man of LettersAuthors, British HistorySamuel Johnson  grant22833450.2
47 The Bronte SistersLiterature, Authors, British Authors  grant22815264.1
48 The Works of Ogden NashLiterature, AuthorsOgden Nash  grant228370
49 Victor Hugo - Poet, Dramatist and NovelistLiterature, Authors, French HistoryVictor Hugo  grant2284450.5
50 VoltaireWorld Culture, Authors, French History  grant22813149.4
51 Walt Whitman - U S PoetAmerican History, Literature, Authors, American AuthorsWalt Whitman  grant2285058.6

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