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Trivia Quiz - Frankenstein - The Novel

The novel, Frankenstein has spawned many films, books and arguments. Test your knowledge of this science fiction classic.

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Date Submitted: July 05, 2019
Quiz Categories: Literature, Authors
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Frankenstein  The Novel

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1. In the novel, Frankenstein refers to what?
  A.   the process of creation
  B.   the monster
  C.   the creator
  D.   the castle

2. Frankenstein was written by whom?
  A.   Victor Hugo
  B.   Bram Stoker
  C.   Robert Louis Stevenson
  D.   Mary Shelley

3. What is the name of the doctor in Frankenstein?
  A.   Victor
  B.   Hugo
  C.   Igor
  D.   Boris

4. Why was the novel, Frankenstein written?
  A.   as a response to the success of Dracula
  B.   to express concerns about eugenics
  C.   because of a volcanic eruption
  D.   as a response to the success of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

5. Complete the title of the novel - Frankenstein; or, The Modern __________________
  A.   Prometheus
  B.   Pygmalion
  C.   Adam
  D.   Medusa

6. In the Frankenstein novel, how tall is the monster?
  A.   7 feet
  B.   8 feet
  C.   9 feet
  D.   10 feet

7. In the novel, the monster demands his creator make him what?
  A.   better looking
  B.   intelligent
  C.   a mate
  D.   kind

8. "Frankenstein" is German for what?
  A.   Son of Frank
  B.   Stone of the Franks
  C.   Glass of Frank
  D.   Circle of Stone

9. In the Frankenstein novel, who does the monster strangle?
  A.   a young girl he encounters on a river bank
  B.   the doctor
  C.   the doctor's mother
  D.   the doctor's fiance

10. How does the monster in Frankenstein kill himself?
  A.   maroons himself at sea
  B.   jumps off a cliff
  C.   walks into a burning castle
  D.   dives into a vat of acid®   

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