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Trivia Quiz - Author - Character Match

I'll give you an author, you match the author to his/her character.

Quiz Number: 1280
Date Submitted: June 02, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, Authors
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 53 percent
Times Taken: 125 times
Taken by Registered Users: 24

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Author  Character Match
(Image Source: Sherlock Holmes)

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1. Earl DerBiggers
  A.   Sherlock Holmes
  B.   Miss Marple
  C.   Charlie Chan
  D.   Ellery Queen

2. Lucy Maude Montgomery
  A.   Anne Shirley
  B.   Miss Marple
  C.   Aunt PittyPat
  D.   Jubal Sackett

3. Dell Shannon
  A.   Louis Mendoza
  B.   Jason Grace
  C.   El Senor
  D.   All of the above

4. Sue Grafton
  A.   Kinsey Milhone
  B.   Jim Chee
  C.   Miss Marple
  D.   Goldie Baer

5. Margaret Mitchell
  A.   Anne Shirley
  B.   Melanie Wilkes
  C.   Miss Marple
  D.   None of the above

6. Agatha Christie
  A.   Harley Quinn
  B.   Lord Peter Whimsey
  C.   Sherlock Holmes
  D.   Charlie Chan

7. Dorothy L. Sayers
  A.   Miss Marple
  B.   Lord Peter Whimsey
  C.   Anne Shirley
  D.   Gilbert Blythe

8. Louis L'Amour
  A.   William Tell Sackett
  B.   Rex Stout
  C.   Jim Chee
  D.   Zane Grey

9. Richard and Frances Lockeridge
  A.   YumYum
  B.   ML Heimrich
  C.   Miss Marple
  D.   Charlie Chan

10. Rex Stout
  A.   Sherlock Holmes
  B.   Archie Goodwin
  C.   Rebecca DeWinter
  D.   Miss Marple®   

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