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Trivia Quizzes - American Authors

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 American Novelists' First WorksFiction Books, American Authors  madman9845.4
2 Barry Sadler: Green Beret, Singer, and AuthorAmerican Authors, Vietnam War, American MilitaryBarry Sadler  patrickryan2039.5
3 Charles W. SwanAmerican AuthorsCharles W. Swan  famouss2350.9
4 Donna J. Stone: American PoetAmerican AuthorsDonna J. Stone  aps3011570.7
5 Edgar Allan PoeAmerican AuthorsEdgar A Poe  patrickryan4058.3
6 Edgar Allan Poe: Master of MysteryAmerican AuthorsEdgar A Poe  Secret_Author6148
7 Erma Bombeck: A Very Funny LadyAmerican AuthorsErma Bombeck  phonerec5653.2
8 Ernest Hemingway - Muscular WriterAmerican Authors, Authors, Literature, U.S. History, American CultureErnest M Hemingway  grant228275
9 Ernest Hemingway: "Papa"American Authors, AuthorsErnest M Hemingway  patrickryan4363.3
10 F Scott FitzgeraldAmerican Authors, Authors  grant2281566.7
11 Frederick Douglass: American Abolitionist and AuthorAmerican Authors, Civil War, U.S. HistoryFrederick Douglass  bill10052.3
12 Helen Keller: American Author, Activist and LecturerAmerican Authors, American CultureHelen A Keller  lmcubs10152
13 Henry David ThoreauAmerican Authors, Authors, Literature, American CultureHenry D Thoreau  grant228755.7
14 Herman Melville: American Author and SailorAmerican Authors, HistoryHerman Melville  patrickryan3057.3
15 Hunter S Thompson: Gonzo ReporterAmerican Authors, American CultureHunter S Thompson  patrickryan4153.7
16 Jack Kerouac: American AuthorAmerican AuthorsJack Kerouac  Secret_Author5154.9
17 James Baldwin: Wonderful Writer!American AuthorsJames Baldwin  Secret_Author2654.2
18 James Fenimore CooperAmerican AuthorsJames F Cooper  patrickryan3143.5
19 Janet Evanovich: Successful AuthorAmerican AuthorsJanet Evanovich  scarlettem2556.4
20 John Sandford, Pulitzer Prize Winning AuthorAmerican AuthorsJohn Sandford  phonerec2171.4
21 John Steinbeck: Awesome American WriterAmerican AuthorsJohn Steinbeck  Secret_Author5161
22 Kurt VonnegutAmerican AuthorsKurt Vonnegut  patrickryan2559.2
23 Laura Ingalls Wilder: Frontier Girl and AuthorAmerican AuthorsLaura Ingalls Wilder  phonerec6864.3
24 Louis Dearborn L'Amour - Iconic Western AuthorAmerican Authors, American CultureLouis D L'Amour  patrickryan748.6
25 Louis L'Amour: Great American AuthorAmerican AuthorsLouis D L'Amour  scarlettem6260
26 Margaret Mitchell: Southern AuthorAmerican AuthorsMargaret Mitchell  scarlettem4358.8
27 Mark Twain: Epic American AuthorAmerican AuthorsMark Twain  dave12162
28 Mark Twain: Greatest American HumoristAmerican Authors, Authors, American CultureMark Twain  patrickryan6059.7
29 Match the Book to the AuthorFiction Books, American Authors  patrickryan3978.7
30 Nathaniel HawthorneAmerican Authors, American CultureNathaniel Hawthorne  patrickryan5354.3
31 Nora Roberts: Multi-Talented AuthorAmerican AuthorsNora Roberts  phonerec4458
32 Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451 Sci Fi Movies, American AuthorsRay D Bradbury  dartjock1245.8
33 Richard Wright: African-American AuthorAmerican AuthorsRichard Wright  Secret_Author2455.4
34 Robert HeinleinAmerican Authors, U.S. History, American MilitaryRobert Heinlein  patrickryan1546
35 Sinclair Lewis: Insightful American WriterAmerican AuthorsSinclair Lewis  Secret_Author1157.3
36 Stephen Crane: Awesome American Author!American AuthorsStephen Crane  Secret_Author3940.3
37 Stephen King: Personal Life of a CelebrityAmerican AuthorsStephen King  phonerec10867.3
38 Truman Capote: American WriterAmerican AuthorsTruman G Capote  Secret_Author7860.6
39 Will Rogers: American Cowboy and HumoristTV, Radio & Stage, American AuthorsWill Rogers  phonerec7744.3
40 William Faulkner: Super Southern Writer!American AuthorsWilliam Faulkner  Secret_Author5547.3

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