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Trivia Quiz - Malcolm X: Civil Rights Leader

Malcolm X (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), was an African American Muslim minister and human rights activist. Trivia about the personal life and public life of Malcolm X.

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Date Submitted: December 03, 2011
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Quiz is about: Malcolm X

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Malcolm X Civil Rights Leader
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1. What was Malcolm X named upon his birth?
  A.   Steven Hawkings
  B.   Malcolm George Washington
  C.   Malcolm Little
  D.   Malcolm Thomas Jefferson

2. What happened to Malcolm X's father when Malcolm was about 6 years old?
  A.   He died when he was run over by a streetcar.
  B.   He was lynched by the KKK.
  C.   He abandoned his family and fled to Canada.
  D.   He died of an heart attack.

3. When Malcolm X was 13, his family was split up and the children were sent to foster homes. Why?
  A.   His mother was declared legally insane.
  B.   His mother re-married, and his stepfather put Malcolm up for adoption.
  C.   Malcolm ran away from home and worked as a laborer and a white boy in Chicago.
  D.   His mother was murdered by the KKK.

4. Why did Malcolm X drop out of school in the eighth grade?
  A.   The school was burned down by the KKK.
  B.   He needed to get a job to feed himself.
  C.   He was told his goal of being a lawyer was not realistic for a black boy.
  D.   He went to prison for breaking and entry.

5. What did Malcolm X do for a living when he lived in Harlem, NY?
  A.   He was a cab driver.
  B.   He attended NY University and bussed tables.
  C.   He owned a Jazz Club.
  D.   Drug dealing, gambling, racketeering, robbery, and pimping.

6. During WWII, what did Malcolm X do when called to the Draft Board?
  A.   Acted as if insane, gaining a 4-F classification - unsuitable for military service.
  B.   He demanded to be assigned to the USMC and served in the Pacific theater.
  C.   He had one short leg so was medically disqualified from service.
  D.   He fled to Canada.

7. In 1946, Malcolm X was sentenanced to 8 to 10 years in prison for what crime?
  A.   prostitution and 'crimes against nature.'
  B.   drug possession, gun possession, and public drunkeness.
  C.   rape and murder.
  D.   larceny and breaking and entering.

8. What was Malcolm X's nickname in Charlestown State Prison in Charlestown, Boston early in his sentence?
  A.   Satan
  B.   Mohammad
  C.   Red
  D.   Killer

9. Why did Malcolm chose the letter X for a last name?
  A.   To repudiate the slavemaster assigned name of his ancestors.
  B.   To repudiate his past experiences with pornography and the sex trade.
  C.   His birth name was Xavier thus he wished to preserve something his mom had given him.
  D.   His favorite sections of the Koran were under section ten, and the Roman Numeral for ten is 'X',

10. Who killed Malcolm X?
  A.   The FBI at the bequest of J. Edgar Hoover.
  B.   Nation of Islam members.
  C.   KKK members to silence him.
  D.   Members of Martin Luther King's inner circle.®   

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