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Quizzes submitted by Secret_Author

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 America's National BattlefieldsAmerican History, North American Geography  Secret_Author23044
2 America's National MonumentsNorth American Geography  Secret_Author33832.6
3 America's National Monuments: Part 2North American Geography  Secret_Author17530.2
4 America's National Monuments: Part 3North American Geography  Secret_Author5246.9
5 America's National Monuments: Part 4North American Geography  Secret_Author18236
6 America's National ParksAmerican Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author25067.6
7 America's National Parks: Part 2American Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author10562.9
8 America's National Parks: Part 3American Culture, North American Geography  Secret_Author8265
9 American National ParksNorth American Geography  Secret_Author4465.5
10 Bill Cosby: A Funny Man!TV, Radio & Stage, ComediansBill Cosby  Secret_Author18752.5
11 Captains Courageous: The NovelFiction Books  Secret_Author73069.5
12 Con Air: Character-Actor Match GameDrama Movies  Secret_Author8871.4
13 Edgar Allan Poe: Master of MysteryAmerican AuthorsEdgar A Poe  Secret_Author8151.2
14 Frankie Avalon: Rockin' Teen Idol & Star!Movie Stars, SingersFrankie Avalon  Secret_Author35051.4
15 Herb Alpert: Awesome Music Man!MusicHerb Alpert  Secret_Author4856.9
16 Jack Kerouac: American AuthorAmerican AuthorsJack Kerouac  Secret_Author9255.2
17 James Baldwin: Wonderful Writer!American AuthorsJames Baldwin  Secret_Author8649.4
18 John Steinbeck: Awesome American WriterAmerican AuthorsJohn Steinbeck  Secret_Author9667.8
19 Johnny Mathis: The Velvet VoiceMusic, SingersJohnny Mathis  Secret_Author9742.9
20 Lewis Carroll: English AuthorBritish AuthorsLewis Carroll  Secret_Author17239.8
21 life and times of Secret_AuthorPersonal Quizzes  Secret_Author1843.9
22 Little Feat: American Rock BandRock -n- Roll  Secret_Author10167.9
23 M*A*S*H: The Richard HookerFiction Books  Secret_Author5231
24 Paul Simon: American Song Writer and SingerMusic, SingersPaul Simon  Secret_Author7750.3
25 Richard Wright: African-American AuthorAmerican AuthorsRichard Wright  Secret_Author4050.8
26 The Simpson's Character's: Women of SpringfieldAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  Secret_Author6376.5
27 The Simpsons Movie: Part 2Animated Movies, The Simpsons  Secret_Author13151.6
28 The Simpsons' Characters: Women of SpringfieldThe Simpsons  Secret_Author11282.9
29 The Simpsons' CharactersTV, Radio & Stage, Animated TV Series & Cartoons  Secret_Author6872.9
30 The Simpsons: Character Match GameThe Simpsons  Secret_Author12978.7
31 The Simpsons: Character Match Part 2The Simpsons  Secret_Author8983.8
32 Sinclair Lewis: Insightful American WriterAmerican AuthorsSinclair Lewis  Secret_Author1553.3
33 Stephen Crane: Awesome American Author!American AuthorsStephen Crane  Secret_Author9943.5
34 Truman Capote: American WriterAmerican AuthorsTruman G Capote  Secret_Author14362.7
35 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 1American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author1,15377.1
36 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 2American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author1,18678.1
37 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 3American Government, North American Geography  Secret_Author40576.5
38 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 4American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author17782.4
39 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 5American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author23782.6
40 William Faulkner: Super Southern Writer!American AuthorsWilliam Faulkner  Secret_Author8348.4
41 Woody Allen: American Screenwriter & Film DirectorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersWoody Allen  Secret_Author7335.8

Grand Averages for these 41 Quizzes     58.3®   

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