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Trivia Quiz - Little Feat: American Rock Band

Quiz about the Band Little Feat!

Quiz Number: 3295
Date Submitted: December 28, 2009
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
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Little Feat American Rock Band
(Image Source: Little Feat @ Jimmy Winokur web site)

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1. Little Feat is an American band formed in 1969 by Lowell George and whom?
  A.   Bill Payne
  B.   Sam Clayton
  C.   Fred Tackett
  D.   Paul Barrere

2. For what group was Lowell George playing when he left to form Little Feat?
  A.   The Stone Poneys
  B.   Cream
  C.   The Mothers of Invention
  D.   Allman Brothers

3. When Little Feat recorded their self-titled first album, Lowell George had hurt his hand and could not play. Who sat in and played the "Slide" part for the song "Willin'"?
  A.   Ry Cooder
  B.   Frank Zappa
  C.   Brian Wilson
  D.   Jimmy Page

4. On Little Feat's album "Feat's Don't Fail Me Now", the album title pays homage to a song by what Jazz pianist and singer songwriter?
  A.   Blind Willie McTell
  B.   Lead Belly
  C.   Gus Cannon
  D.   Fats Waller

5. In Little Feat's song "Dixie Chicken", the verse goes "If You'll Be My Dixie Chicken, I'll Be Your _____________"?
  A.   Carolina Lamb
  B.   Tennessee Lamb
  C.   Alabama Lamb
  D.   Mississippi Lamb

6. In 1977, Little Feat recorded a live album from shows in London and Washington, D.C.. What was the name of the album?
  A.   Time Loves A Hero
  B.   Waiting For Columbus
  C.   The Last Record Album
  D.   Late Night Truck Stop

7. What Little Feat song did Linda Ronstadt cover on her "Heart Like A Wheel" album?
  A.   Sailin' Shoes
  B.   Trouble
  C.   Willin'
  D.   Two Trains

8. Lowell George had started working on a Little Feat album before his death. The the surviving members finished and released it before disbanding. What was the name of the album?
  A.   Let It Roll
  B.   Down On The Farm
  C.   Time Loves A Hero
  D.   Shake Me Up

9. What was the name of the Little Feat CD released in August 2008, that included collaborations with Jimmy Buffet, Brooks and Dunn, Bob Seger and others?
  A.   Under The Radar
  B.   Kickin' It At The Barn
  C.   Chinese Work Songs
  D.   Join The Band

10. In 2002, Little Feat started their own record label. What was the name of the label?
  A.   Hot Tomato Records
  B.   Dixie Records
  C.   Spanish Moon Records
  D.   Willin' Records®   

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