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Trivia Quiz - The Simpsons Movie: Part 2

Might be tough, but not to bad if you like the "The Simpsons Movie."

Quiz Number: 2704
Date Submitted: July 09, 2008
Quiz Categories: Animated Movies, The Simpsons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
Average Score: 51.4 percent
Times Taken: 132 times
Taken by Registered Users: 17

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The Simpsons Movie Part 2
(Image Source: Club Spider Pussy)

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1. What band was playing at Lake Springfield?
  A.   Green Day
  B.   U2
  C.   Coldplay
  D.   Aerosmith

2. What is the name of the fox TV show being advertised on the ticker during the movie?
  A.   Are You Smarter Than Your Cat?
  B.   Are You Smarter Than Homer?
  C.   Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?
  D.   Are You Smarter Than A First Grader?

3. What are the 4 states that border Springfield?
  A.   Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky
  B.   Mississippi, Texas, Oregon and Alaska
  C.   Montana, Florida, Maine and Arizona
  D.   Tennessee, Vermont, Idaho and Texas

4. What was the name of the presentation given by Lisa?
  A.   Our Polluted Lake
  B.   An Irritating Truth
  C.   Save Lake Springfield
  D.   Springfield Really Smells

5. In the movie, who is the President of the United States?
  A.   President Bush
  B.   President Hanks
  C.   President Schwarzenegger
  D.   President Scratchy

6. In the movie, who is the head of the EPA?
  A.   Russ Cowsill
  B.   Russ Hill
  C.   Hank Hill
  D.   Russ Cargill

7. What is The Springfield News' name for the crisis?
  A.   Trapped Like Rats
  B.   Dome of Doom
  C.   Trappuccino
  D.   The Day of the Dome

8. Where can you buy Dome Wax, Dome Polish, Dome Freshener and all your dome needs?
  A.   DomeKo
  B.   Dome Depot
  C.   Dome Discount
  D.   DomeIsUs

9. What did Marge get when she ran back into the house?
  A.   check cook
  B.   picture album
  C.   hair dye
  D.   wedding video

10. Where did the Simpsons hide out after they escaped Springfield?
  A.   Red Rash Inn
  B.   Hotel Shelbyville
  C.   Welcome Inn
  D.   Red Hat Inn®   

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