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Trivia Quiz - The Simpsons: Character Match Part 2

I describe a Simpson Character and you name them.

Quiz Number: 2707
Date Submitted: July 09, 2008
Quiz Categories: The Simpsons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
Average Score: 83.8 percent
Times Taken: 89 times
Taken by Registered Users: 18

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The Simpsons Character Match Part 2
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1. Who was Springfield's leftover "disco dude?"
  A.   Disco Lou
  B.   Disco Stu
  C.   Disco Drew
  D.   Disco Hank

2. Who is the hippie bus driver for Springfield Elementary?
  A.   Cletus
  B.   Barney
  C.   Lenny
  D.   Otto

3. Who is Springfield's chief of police?
  A.   Bob Terwilliger
  B.   Clancy Wiggum
  C.   Seymour Skinner
  D.   Ned Flanders

4. Who is the Simpson's family doctor?
  A.   Waylon Smithers
  B.   Troy McClure
  C.   Seymour Skinner
  D.   Julius Hibbert

5. Who is the custodian of Springfield Elementary School?
  A.   Groundskeeper Billy
  B.   Groundskeeper Bobby
  C.   Groundskeeper Willie
  D.   Groundskeeper Seymour

6. Who is the news anchor for Springfield Action News?
  A.   Troy McClure
  B.   Bob Terwilliger
  C.   Kirk Van Houten
  D.   Kent Brockman

7. Who is the bartender at Homer's favorite bar?
  A.   Moe Szyslak
  B.   Barney Gumbel
  C.   Abe Simpson
  D.   Clancy Wiggum

8. Who is Springfield's washed up actor that resorts to doing infomercials, telethons etc?
  A.   Troy McClure
  B.   Bob Terwilliger
  C.   Kirk Van Houten
  D.   Kent Brockman

9. Who is Mr. Burn's right hand man at the power plant?
  A.   Barney Gumbel
  B.   Ned Flanders
  C.   Waylon Smithers
  D.   Frank Grimes

10. Who is Springfield's slack-jawed yokel?
  A.   Cletus
  B.   Barney
  C.   Lenny
  D.   Otto®   

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