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Trivia Quiz - Stephen Crane: Awesome American Author!

What do you know about the life of writer Stephen Crane?

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Date Submitted: October 14, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
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Quiz is about: Stephen Crane

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Stephen Crane Awesome American Author

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1. Stephen Crane was born in Newark, New Jersey in what year?
  A.   1840
  B.   1853
  C.   1860
  D.   1871

2. Which of the following literary movements would NOT describe any of the works of Stephen Crane?
  A.   Impressionism
  B.   Naturalism
  C.   Surrealism
  D.   Realism

3. What tragic thing happened to Stephen Crane when he was 8?
  A.   His mother died
  B.   The family house burned down
  C.   He was crippled
  D.   His father died

4. About what did Stephen Crane write his first poem?
  A.   wanting a dog for Christmas
  B.   moving back to New Jersey
  C.   fighting in a war
  D.   learning how to swim

5. Crane's second novel, "The Red Badge of Courage," was based on what American war?
  A.   War of 1812
  B.   Spanish-American War
  C.   Revolutionary War
  D.   Civil War

6. What Crane novel was based on the conflict between a church-going, temperance-adhering woman (thought to be based on Crane's own mother) and her single remaining offspring, a naive dreamer?
  A.   Jimmy's Mother
  B.   Jack's Mother
  C.   Gregory's Mother
  D.   George's Mother

7. From what college did Stephen Crane graduate?
  A.   Syracuse University
  B.   Lafayette College
  C.   He did not graduate from college
  D.   Claverack College

8. What 1897 novel was based on Crane's real life experience of being stranded at sea for thirty hours after his ship, the SS Commodore, sank off the coast of Florida?
  A.   The Sinking Boat
  B.   The Open Boat
  C.   The Small Boat
  D.   The Hell Boat

9. When Stephen Crane wrote his first novel, what pen name did he use?
  A.   Johnston Smith
  B.   Johnston Jones
  C.   Johnson Smith
  D.   Johnson Jones

10. Crane's last novel was finished posthumously by Robert Barr and published in 1903. What was it?
  A.   The Whilomville Stories
  B.   Wounds in the Rain
  C.   The O'Ruddy
  D.   The Monster and Other Stories®   

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