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Trivia Quiz - Charles W. Swan

Who is Charles W. Swan?

Quiz Number: 1684
Date Submitted: October 16, 2007
Quiz Categories: American Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: famouss
Average Score: 50.7 percent
Times Taken: 27 times
Taken by Registered Users: 6
Quiz is about: Charles W. Swan

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Charles W. Swan

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1. What year was Charles W. Swan knighted?
  A.   1801
  B.   1999
  C.   2000
  D.   1995

2. Who did Charles Swan marry in 1969?
  A.   Robin
  B.   Brook
  C.   Paige
  D.   Marie

3. What sport did Charles W. Swan play in high school?
  A.   track
  B.   basketball
  C.   football
  D.   soccer

4. What high school did Charles W. Swan attend?
  A.   Dunbar High
  B.   Douglass High
  C.   Edmondson High
  D.   Ashburton High

5. This individual has been known as one of Charles Swan's best friends:
  A.   Fred Letter
  B.   Bill Cosby
  C.   Cuba Gooding, Sr
  D.   Tom Cruise

6. What famous person played with Charles Swan in the high school band?
  A.   John Coltrane
  B.   Fred Hammonds
  C.   Gary Barts
  D.   Miles Davis

7. Charles Swan's son was born in 1973. What was his name?
  A.   Richard
  B.   Robert
  C.   Michael
  D.   Charles

8. What instrument did Charles Swan play in high school?
  A.   violin
  B.   trumpet
  C.   flute
  D.   drum

9. What medal did Charles Swan receive in 1994?
  A.   Navy Cross
  B.   Congressional Medal of Honor
  C.   Legion of Merit
  D.   Medal of Freedom

10. What field of study did Charles Swan study in college?
  A.   music
  B.   medicine
  C.   plants
  D.   animals®   

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