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Trivia Quiz - Robert Heinlein

One of the most popular and prolific science fiction writers of all time. Robert Heinlein, Dean of Science Fiction and American Patriot!

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Date Submitted: August 28, 2011
Quiz Categories: American History, American Military, American Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Robert Heinlein

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Robert Heinlein
(Image Source: Robert Heinein Photo @ Wikipedia)

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1. Where did Heinlein go to college?
  A.   US Military Academy in West Point
  B.   US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland
  C.   US Coast Academy, New London, CT
  D.   US Airforce Academy, Colorado

2. Under what famous military man did Heinlein serve when Heinlein was a lieutenant?
  A.   Chief of Naval Operation Ernest J. King
  B.   General McArthur
  C.   Chester Nimitz
  D.   General Grant

3. What medical affliction resulted in Heinlein leaving military service?
  A.   Drug addiction
  B.   Syphillis
  C.   Pulmonary tuberculosis
  D.   Myocardio infraction

4. In what capacity did Heinlein serve during World War II?
  A.   Captain, Submarines
  B.   Manhattan Project Commanding General
  C.   Aeronautical engineering for the USN.
  D.   Pilot that bombed Hiroshima

5. This classic Heinlien book is a coming-of-age story about duty, citizenship, and the role of the military in society:
  A.   Stanger in a Strange Land
  B.   Starship Troopers
  C.   The Green Hills of Earth
  D.   Life-line

6. This classic Heinlien book examines social norms, and is often considered a handbook for the flower children:
  A.   Stranger in a Strange Land
  B.   Starship Troopers
  C.   The Green Hills of Earth
  D.   Life-line

7. Heinlein's first novel in book form, "Rocket Ship Galileo" (1947), was initially rejected because:
  A.   Foul languaged interspersed with sex in the text.
  B.   Heinlein's communist leanings.
  C.   Going to the moon was considered too far out.
  D.   Hints of homosexuality in character development.

8. This Heinlein book has been called "unquestionably one of the . . . most influential libertarian novels of the last century"
  A.   The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  B.   Space Odyssey 2001
  C.   Time Enough for Love
  D.   Number of the Beast

9. This later Heinlein book is a sharp satire of organized religion:
  A.   The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  B.   The Nine Million Names of God
  C.   Casino Royale
  D.   Job: A Comedy of Justice

10. Which of the foloowing best describes Heinlein's political views:
  A.   allied with Marxists
  B.   patriotic and strongly supportive of the US Military
  C.   California-style socialist
  D.   anti-government and nihlistic®   

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