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Trivia Quiz - Donna J. Stone: American Poet

To test the knowledge of details and trivia about the life of poet Donna J. Stone.

Quiz Number: 3347
Date Submitted: March 25, 2010
Quiz Categories: American Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: aps301
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Quiz is about: Donna J. Stone

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Donna J. Stone American Poet
(Image Source: Donna J. Stone @ Wikipedia)

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1. Donna J. Stone occasionally used her maiden name. What was it?
  A.   Donna J. Pascal
  B.   Donna Worley-Agnew
  C.   Donna von Schoenweiler
  D.   Donna J. van Zandt

2. Ms. Stone was once married to:
  A.   Writer William Faulkner
  B.   Writer John Pascal
  C.   Playwright Michael Stewart
  D.   Dr. Christopher Stone

3. Where did Donna J. Stone grow up?
  A.   Tarrytown, New York
  B.   Colleyville, Texas
  C.   Sarasota, Florida
  D.   Bexley, Ohio

4. The title of Donna J. Stone's book, "Wielder of Words," is from a poem. Please finish the verse, "The wielder of words...
  A.   "needs no other weapon."
  B.   "is the winner of hearts"
  C.   "is the captor of souls"
  D.   "is always victorious"

5. What is the main profession of Donna J. Stone's younger son?
  A.   writer
  B.   physician
  C.   college professor
  D.   lawyer

6. Donna J. Stone founded several charities. The Matthew J. Pascal Foundation was named after whom?
  A.   her first husband
  B.   her second husband
  C.   her older son
  D.   her writing mentor

7. Some of Donna J. Stone's ancestors are listed in which reference?
  A.   "Who's Who in American Literature"
  B.   "Burke's Peerage"
  C.   "The Almanach de Gotha"
  D.   "The FBI Most-Wanted List"

8. Who edited Donna J. Stone's book, "Wielder of Words"?
  A.   Howard Baker, American poet
  B.   Christopher Stone, her son
  C.   Mary Hopkins, of the American Poetry Society
  D.   William Safire, Spiro Agnew's speech writer

9. What was the cause of Donna J. Stone's death?
  A.   heart failure
  B.   stroke
  C.   aneurysm
  D.   cirrhosis

10. What is the name of the cemetery where Donna J. Stone's remains are buried?
  A.   Forest Lawn
  B.   Greenwood
  C.   Bluebonnet Hills
  D.   None of the above; her body was cremated®   

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