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Trivia Quiz - Louis Dearborn L'Amour - Iconic Western Author

How much do you know about the life, career and writings of prolific American author Louis L'Amour?

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Date Submitted: January 02, 2012
Quiz Categories: American Culture, American Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Louis D L'Amour

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Louis Dearborn LAmour  Iconic Western Author
(Image Source: Louis Lamour Great Adventure)

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1. Why did the LaMoore family leave Jamestown, North Dakota in 1923?
  A.   They wanted to prospect for gold.
  B.   Bank failures devastated the mid-West.
  C.   Louis's father died and the family lost the farm.
  D.   The father was adventurous, and just wanted to travel.

2. Which of the professions below did L'Amour NOT practice while traveling the world?
  A.   Lawyer
  B.   Miner
  C.   Boxer
  D.   Seaman

3. What did L'Amour do during WWII?
  A.   He was a conscientious objector - living in Canada.
  B.   He was a Transport Officer in the US Army.
  C.   He was captured by the Japanese when his merchant ship was sunk.
  D.   He was a US Marine, stationed in Europe.

4. What family did L'Amour use to encapsulate American history from early settlement to the late 19th century?
  A.   Hondo
  B.   Sackett
  C.   Ratchett
  D.   Bonanza

5. L'Amour once said, "________'s works enabled me to go into school with a great deal of knowledge that even my teachers didn't have about wars and politics."
  A.   Kipling
  B.   Twain
  C.   Henty
  D.   Melville

6. L'Amour's first successful short fiction was in a magazine that was considered the _____________ of the time.
  A.   Playboy
  B.   Redbook
  C.   The New Yorker
  D.   Mad Magazine

7. The short story, "The Gift of Cochise" was printed in Colliers (July 5, 1952) and seen by ______________, who purchased the screen rights from L'Amour for $4,000.
  A.   Robert Stack
  B.   Richard Widmark
  C.   Orson Wells
  D.   John Wayne

8. Why did L'Amour publish through several publishing companies?
  A.   Many publishers refused to buy more than 1 or 2 books per year per author.
  B.   L'Amour was difficult to work with, and would change publishers whenever he became angry.
  C.   Publishers only wanted a few western novels per year.
  D.   Publisher was avoiding taxes by publishing under many names.

9. What was the name of L'Amour's autobiography?
  A.   Thanks for all the Opportunities, America
  B.   Swimming with Sharks - how to be an author.
  C.   Boots and Saddles - Sound the Charge!
  D.   Education of a Wandering Man

10. What US President awarded L'Amour the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
  A.   Jimmy Carter
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   Bill Clinton
  D.   Barack Obama®   

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