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Trivia Quiz - MLB All-Star Game

This is a quiz on the Major League Baseball All-Star game which has been played since since 1933.How much do you know about the game?

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Date Submitted: July 13, 2012
Quiz Categories: Major League Baseball
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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MLB All Star Game

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1. The All-Star game is also know by what other name?
  A.   Terrific Tuesday
  B.   All-Star Weekend
  C.   The Mid-Summer Classic
  D.   The All-Star Classic

2. When is the All-Star game played every year?
  A.   The 1st Tuesday after the 4th of July
  B.   The Half way point of the Season
  C.   July 10th
  D.   The 2nd Tuesday of July

3. Where was the first All-Star game held in 1933?
  A.   Boston's Fenway Park
  B.   Chicago's Commiskey Park
  C.   New York's Polo Grounds
  D.   Chicago's Wrigley Field

4. What was the original name of the trophy awarded to the All-Star Game's Most Valuable Player?
  A.   The Arch Ward Trophy
  B.   The Commisioner's Trophy
  C.   The Ted Williams Trophy
  D.   The Babe Ruth Trophy

5. How are the managers selected for the All-Star Game?
  A.   They're voted in by the players
  B.   They won the Pennants the previous year
  C.   They're selected by the Commissoner
  D.   They're voted in by the fans

6. How many players are on each team as of 2010?
  A.   32
  B.   33
  C.   34
  D.   35

7. What team's fans stuffed the ballot box in 1957 electing 7 of their team's starters prompting the Commissoner to remove 2 players and ban fan voting until 1970?
  A.   Cincinnati Reds
  B.   New York Yankees
  C.   Brooklyn Dodgers
  D.   Chicago White Sox

8. Who was the first player selected to the All-Star game as a Write-In candidate?
  A.   Roberto Clemente
  B.   Steve Garvey
  C.   Pete Rose
  D.   Rico Carty

9. What player hit the first Grand Slam in All-Star game history?
  A.   Jose Canseco
  B.   Mickey Mantle
  C.   Fred Lynn
  D.   Willie Mays

10. In 2007,what player became the first player to hit an Inside-the-Park Home Run in an All-Star Game?
  A.   Ichiro Suzuki
  B.   Jose Reyes
  C.   Chase Utley
  D.   Carl Crawford®   

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