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Trivia Quiz - David Ortiz: A Great Clutch Hitter

10 questions on Red Sox Great David Ortiz.

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Date Submitted: February 04, 2012
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: David Ortiz

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David Ortiz A Great Clutch Hitter
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1. What is David Ortiz's real name?
  A.   David Astrubel Oriz
  B.   David Americo Ortiz
  C.   Davido Jose Manuel Ortiz
  D.   David Ortiz Hernandez

2. What is David Ortiz's nickname?
  A.   Mr.Clutch
  B.   The Big O
  C.   Big Papi
  D.   Mack Daddy

3. Red Sox ownership awarded Ortiz a plaque proclaiming him to be what?
  A.   The Greatest Clutch Hitter in the history of the Red Sox
  B.   Honorary Mayor of Boston
  C.   The greatest Dominican player in the history of the Red Sox
  D.   The Greatest DH in the history of the Red Sox

4. Which MLB Team drafted David Ortiz in 1992?
  A.   Chicago White Sox
  B.   Minnesota Twins
  C.   Boston Red Sox
  D.   Seattle Mariners

5. For what player was Ortiz traded to the Minnesota Twins?
  A.   Dave Hollins
  B.   Brett Boone
  C.   Randy Johnson
  D.   Alex Rodriguez

6. Ortiz had a health scare in 2006. What was he diagnosed with?
  A.   Diabetes
  B.   Colon Cancer
  C.   Irregular Heartbeat
  D.   Sickle Cell Anemia

7. Every time Ortiz crosses home plate, he points both index fingers up toward the sky in honor of whom?
  A.   His Father
  B.   His Mother
  C.   His Sister
  D.   His Grandfather

8. David Ortiz hails from what Latin American country?
  A.   Panama‎
  B.   Dominican Republic
  C.   Honduras
  D.   Puerto Rico

9. Ortiz has a tattoo of what on his bicep?
  A.   His Wife
  B.   Jesus
  C.   His Mother
  D.   His Grandmother

10. What jersey number does Davis Ortiz wear?
  A.   34
  B.   37
  C.   42
  D.   44®   

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