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Trivia Quizzes - Space Exploration

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 The Planet SaturnScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant228570
3 The Planet JupiterScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant228668.3
4 The Planet MarsScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant2281161.8
5 The Planet VenusScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant2281750
6 The Planet MercuryScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant228950
7 The Moon - Our only natural satelliteScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant2281348.5
8 Neil deGrasse Tyson - Astrophysicist ExtraordinaireScience & Nature, Space Exploration, Scientists  grant2283542.3
9 The Planets of our Solar SystemScience & Nature, Space Exploration  dartjock6858.5
10 Space Shuttle Columbia DisasterAmerican History, Space Exploration  bill3553.7
11 Moon Walkers and Those That Circled the MoonHistory, Space Exploration  patrickryan3564.6
12 Astronauts: Folks in SpaceSpace Exploration  patrickryan5652.9
13 Apollo 11: Mission to the MoonSpace Exploration  bill39263.2
14 Neil Armstrong: Astronaut and Naval AviatorSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Neil A Armstrong  patrickryan32947.7
15 Yuri Gagarin - First Person in SpaceSpace Exploration, Russian HistoryYuri Gagarin  grant2285856.7
16 John Glenn: American Astronaut & PoliticianSpace Exploration, American MilitaryJohn H Glenn  dave16948.9
17 John Glenn - Astronaut and AviatorSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!John H Glenn  patrickryan14448.2
18 Sally Ride - First American woman in spaceSpace Exploration, American HistorySally Ride  grant22824059.9
19 Alan Shepard, Jr - American Astronaut and Naval AviatorSpace Exploration, American History, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Alan B Shepard Jr. patrickryan8751.8
20 Scott Carpenter: US AstronautSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Scott Carpenter  patrickryan1162.7
21 Deke SlaytonSpace Exploration, American MilitaryDeke Slayton  patrickryan2460.8
22 Gordon Cooper: American Astronaut Space Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Gordon Cooper  patrickryan2659.2
23 Gus Grissom: American AstronautSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, American MilitaryVirgil Grissom  patrickryan6863.2
24 Wally Schirra: American AstronautSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, American MilitaryWally Schirra  patrickryan3346.1

Grand Averages for these 23 Quizzes     56.0®   

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