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Trivia Quiz - The Planet Venus

Venus has caused poets and composers to write about its beauty. Test your knowledge of this lady of the night.

Quiz Number: 5716
Date Submitted: November 17, 2017
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Space Exploration
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Planet Venus

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1. The atmosphere of Venus is composed mostly of what gas?
  A.   nitrogen
  B.   helium
  C.   carbon dioxide
  D.   sulfur dioxide

2. Which of the following is not true about Venus?
  A.   It is the only planet named after a woman.
  B.   It has no craters
  C.   It has the densest atmosphere of the four terrestrial planets.
  D.   It has no natural satellites.

3. What country has sent the most number of probes to Venus?
  A.   Russia
  B.   U S A
  C.   Japan
  D.   China

4. The highest mountain on Venus is over 11km high and was named after which scientist?
  A.   James Joule
  B.   Ludwig Boltzman
  C.   Rudolf Clasius
  D.   James Maxwell

5. The mass of Venus is what size when compared to Earth?
  A.   50%
  B.   80%
  C.   96%
  D.   115%

6. Most of the features on Venus are named after what group?
  A.   scientists
  B.   explorers
  C.   women
  D.   men

7. Which of the following is not true of Venus?
  A.   It has one of the shortest days of any planet.
  B.   It has clouds of sulfuric acid.
  C.   It can be seen from Earth during the day.
  D.   Phases of Venus, similar to the moon's can be seen from Earth.

8. Which of the following attributes does Venus share with Uranus?
  A.   atmosphere
  B.   rotation
  C.   polar orientation
  D.   color

9. The European colonisation of what land was attributable to Venus?
  A.   Greenland
  B.   Galapagos Islands
  C.   Hawaii
  D.   Australia

10. Which of the following is not true of Venus?
  A.   Signs of life were discovered there.
  B.   It is the hottest planet in the Solar System.
  C.   It is the closest planet to Earth.
  D.   It is closest in size to Earth.®   

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