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Trivia Quiz - Gus Grissom: American Astronaut

Virgil Grissom was one of the original NASA Project Mercury astronauts and a United States Air Force pilot. What do you know about his career and personal life?

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Date Submitted: November 01, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Virgil Grissom

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Gus Grissom American Astronaut
(Image Source: Virgil Gus Grissom Public Domain Photo)

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1. How many combat missions did Grissom fly in an early style jet fighter during his time in the Korean War?
  A.   25
  B.   50
  C.   100
  D.   150

2. What problem did Grissom's first space flight, Liberty Bell 7, have?
  A.   An oxygen - fuel fire required aborting the mission at the mid-point.
  B.   Grissom's co-pilot, Neil Armstrong was medically disqualified for the flight.
  C.   The Liberty Bell 7 sank and Grissom almost drowned.
  D.   The helicopter retrieving the Liberty Bell 7 crashed.

3. What caused Grissom to be selected as command pilot for the Gemini 3 flight?
  A.   Neil Armstrong had to undergo treatment for alcohol poisoning.
  B.   President Kennedy interceded on his behalf.
  C.   John Glenn quit the Gemini Program to run for Congress.
  D.   Alan Shepard was diagnosed with Ménière's disease.

4. The original Gemini spacecraft were designed in such a way that 14 of the 16 Gemini astronauts were unable to operate them. What was the issue?
  A.   Grissom had very long arms; his co-astronauts could not reach the switches.
  B.   Grissom was short of stature; the cabins were too small.
  C.   Grissom was very tall; the other astronauts could not see through the windows.
  D.   Grissom wrote all the intrument labels in shorthand - the other astronauts couldn't translate the descriptors.

5. Grissom named his Gemini spacecraft Molly Brown. Why was this controversial with NASA administrators?
  A.   It was a joking nod to the spacecraft being unsinkable.
  B.   It was Grissom's mistress's name.
  C.   It was a cryptic reference to the miles of red tape the Gemini Project was wound up in.
  D.   It was the first time an astronaut had the effrontery to name a mission.

6. Grissom was assigned to the Apollo 1 as the command pilot. Who were the other two crewman?
  A.   Chris Kraft and Bob Gilruth
  B.   Deke Slayton and Roger Chaffee
  C.   Ed White and Deke Slayton
  D.   Ed White and Roger Chaffee

7. What was the fate of Apollo 1?
  A.   It was damaged half way to the moon and had to abort the mission.
  B.   It burned on the launch pad, tragically killing the crew.
  C.   It was cancelled due to serious flaws.
  D.   The heat shields failed during re-entry, tragically killing the crew.

8. Apart from flying the Gemini spacecraft, what activity was Grissom instrumental in?
  A.   financing of the program through selling savings bonds.
  B.   engineering of the spacecraft using his advanced engineering degrees.
  C.   training of the crews using his PHD in education.
  D.   funding of the program through his personal contacts in Congress.

9. What controversy arose with Grissom's spacesuit which he wore on the Gemini missions?
  A.   NASA confiscated the suit from the Astronaut Museum and would not give it back to the Grissom family.
  B.   The suit was confiscated by a bank during a foreclosure. The bank refused to give it back.
  C.   The Grissom family has it but NASA claims Grissom stole it.
  D.   Grissom sold it to the Smithsonian Museum but NASA claims title.

10. What medal was Grissom posthumously awarded in 1978?
  A.   UN Peace Keeper Medal of Honor
  B.   Presidential Medal of Freedom
  C.   Distinguished Public Service Medal
  D.   Congressional Space Medal of Honor®   

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