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Trivia Quiz - The Planet Saturn

Saturn and its rings have tantalised generations. Test your knowledge of the second largest planet of the Solar System.

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Date Submitted: December 14, 2017
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Space Exploration
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Planet Saturn

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1. The rings of Saturn are its most obvious feature and consist mainly of what?
  A.   ice
  B.   rock
  C.   gas
  D.   light particles

2. Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and has what distinctive claim to fame compared with of the Solar System’s moons?
  A.   It is the only moon to have volcanoes.
  B.   It is the only moon to have an atmosphere.
  C.   It is the only moon to have water present.
  D.   It is the only moon to have recorded “moon” quakes.

3. Which of the following space probes has not flown past Saturn?
  A.   Pioneer
  B.   Voyager
  C.   Cassini
  D.   Messenger

4. Which of the following is not true of Saturn?
  A.   The planet is less dense than water.
  B.   A day on Saturn is approximately 10 hours.
  C.   Saturn takes the longest of any planet to orbit the Sun.
  D.   The pressure on Saturn is so great that most of the gas becomes liquid.

5. Who was the first astronomer to define the rings of Saturn?
  A.   Galileo
  B.   Huygens
  C.   Cassini
  D.   Copernicus

6. A jet stream in the clouds surrounding Saturn’s North Pole creates what distinctive shape?
  A.   triangular
  B.   diamond
  C.   hexagonal
  D.   octagonal

7. Which of the following is not correct about the rings of Saturn?
  A.   The rings are stationary around Saturn.
  B.   Each ring rotates the planet at a different speed.
  C.   The average thickness of the rings is approximately 20 metres.
  D.   It is predicted the rings will eventually disappear, being drawn into Saturn.

8. The largest division in the rings of Saturn was first discovered by whom and named in his honor?
  A.   Huygens
  B.   Cassini
  C.   Roche
  D.   Herschell

9. Of which gas is Saturn mainly composed?
  A.   Methane
  B.   Carbon dioxide
  C.   Helium
  D.   Hydrogen

10. Which of the following is not true of Saturn?
  A.   Saturn has over 60 moons.
  B.   Saturn generates more heat than it receives from the Sun.
  C.   Saturn has a large storm called the Great White Spot.
  D.   Over 1000 Earths could fit into Saturn.®   

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