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Trivia Quiz - Scott Carpenter: US Astronaut

Malcolm Scott Carpenter (born May 1, 1925) is best known as one of the original seven astronauts selected for NASA's Project Mercury in April 1959.

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Date Submitted: November 13, 2011
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Scott Carpenter US Astronaut
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1. Carpenter attended the University of Colorado; how did he finish the degree?
  A.   He finished a year early by doubling up his classes.
  B.   The university awarded the degree AFTER he had been in space.
  C.   Carpenter finished the degree when he returned from the Korean War.
  D.   Carpenter never finished the degree.

2. Carpenter was slated as the back up pilot to the first space mission. Who was Carpenter backing up?
  A.   Jim Lovell
  B.   John Glenn
  C.   Gus Grissom
  D.   Neil Armstrong

3. One of the experiments that Carpenter performed on his flight was to identify 'fireflies' in the space capsule. What caused this phenomena?
  A.   Liquid nitrogen.
  B.   Ionic interference.
  C.   Static electricity.
  D.   Nuetron radiation.

4. What was the name of Carpenter's first space flight?
  A.   Liberty Bell 7
  B.   Freedom 7
  C.   Friendship 7
  D.   Aurora 7

5. Carpenter had a failure of an automatic control of the space craft; what did this cause?
  A.   A 250 mile overshoot of the projected touchdown point.
  B.   The craft was destroyed on entry.
  C.   The craft sank when it landed.
  D.   The craft landed on land, as opposed to water.

6. Carptenter took a leave of the astronaut corps to do what?
  A.   Get married.
  B.   Go to medical school.
  C.   To participate in Navy SEALAB program.
  D.   To race motorcycles in the Bahamas.

7. Carpenter retired from the astronaut program; what was the primary reason?
  A.   He was medically disqualified due to an arm injury.
  B.   He was not selected for Gemini OR Apollo.
  C.   He was undergoing a divorce.
  D.   He was elected to the US Senate.

8. How many children does Carpenter have?
  A.   3
  B.   5
  C.   7
  D.   9

9. What did Carpenter say to John Glenn, as Glenn was launched for his orbital trip in 1962/
  A.   "Faster and higher, Major Glenn!"
  B.   "Godspeed, John Glenn."
  C.   "Watchout for those stars and moons, Marine."
  D.   "Don't take any wooden nickels, Johnny."

10. Aside from an astronaut, Carpenter also was qualified as a what?
  A.   Submariner
  B.   Aquanaut
  C.   Dirigible Pilot
  D.   Army Ranger®   

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