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Trivia Quiz - Sally Ride - First American woman in space

A quiz on the woman who was a trailblazer in space and inspiring girls to follow their dreams.

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Date Submitted: October 27, 2013
Quiz Categories: Space Exploration, American History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Sally Ride

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Sally Ride  First American woman in space
(Image Source: Sally Ride public domain photo)

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1. Sally Ride was born May 26, 1951 in what U S state?
  A.   California
  B.   Connecticut
  C.   Ohio
  D.   Iowa

2. In 1978 Sally Ride gained her Ph.D. in what area?
  A.   mathematics
  B.   astrophysics
  C.   electrodynamics
  D.   biophysics

3. In 1982 Sally Ride married which fellow astronaut?
  A.   Keith Wright
  B.   John Casper
  C.   Steve Hawley
  D.   Charles Bolden

4. In 1983 Sally Ride became the first American woman in space aboard what craft?
  A.   Columbia
  B.   Endeavour
  C.   Atlantis
  D.   Challenger

5. In 1995 Sally Ride developed a space function called KidSat designed to do what?
  A.   Allow children to speak directly to astronauts in space
  B.   Allow children to watch live action from space
  C.   Allow children to request photographs to be taken from space
  D.   Allow children to request scientific experiments be performed in space

6. In 1999 Sally Ride became president of an online company with what name?

7. Apart from being the first U S woman in space what other distinction did Sally Ride hold?
  A.   The first physicist in space
  B.   The youngest person in space
  C.   The only U S woman to have been into space five times
  D.   The first person to have a Martian module named after her.

8. Following her career as an astronaut Sally Ride accomplished much. Which of the following was not one of her achievements?
  A.   She wrote seven books on space designed to encourage children to study science.
  B.   Led NASA's strategic planning
  C.   Assisted China with their first female astronaut, Liu Yang.
  D.   Appeared on the Sesame Street T V program

9. Sally Ride died in 2012 from what cause?
  A.   plane crash
  B.   stroke
  C.   cancer
  D.   shooting

10. Which of the following is not true of Sally Ride?
  A.   She had swapped places with Christa McAuliffe before the 1986 Challenger disaster.
  B.   She is the only person to have sat on both panels investigating the Challenger and Columbia disasters.
  C.   There is a site on the moon named in her honor.
  D.   She had been in a same-sex relationship for 27 years.®   

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