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Trivia Quiz - Wally Schirra: American Astronaut

Wally Schirra, Jr. was an American test pilot, United States officer, and one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts chosen for Project Mercury, America's effort to put humans in space.

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Date Submitted: November 21, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Wally Schirra

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Wally Schirra American Astronaut
(Image Source: Wally Schirra Public Domain Photo)

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1. Wally Shirra's mother was involved with his father's barnstorming act; what did she do?
  A.   She was a co-pilot.
  B.   She was a parachutist.
  C.   She was a wing walker.
  D.   She was the manager and ticket salesperson.

2. Wally was the second US Navy aviator to log how many hours in a jet aircraft?
  A.   500
  B.   1000
  C.   1500
  D.   2000

3. Shirra piloted the 5th Mercury-Atlas 8 named _________ or a six-orbit mission, lasting 9 plus hours.
  A.   Liberty Bell 7
  B.   Sigma 7
  C.   Molly Brown
  D.   Phoenix

4. On Gemini 6A, what event required Shirra to exercise command judgement during a launch attempt?
  A.   Tom Stafford - the co-pilot - had an allergic reaction; Shirra aborted the launch.
  B.   The booster rocket failed after ignition; Shirra should have ordered ejection.
  C.   Shirra had a panic attack, but launched anyway.
  D.   Shirra was forced to hand off command to the co-pilot, when he had a sneezing fit during launch.

5. What was the "first" accomplished on the Gemini 6 mission, led by Shirra?
  A.   The first manned rendezvous in space.
  B.   The first woman in space.
  C.   The first time a manned flight orbitted the moon.
  D.   The first openly homosexual astronaut launched into space.

6. Shirra pulled some strings to hire Guenter Wendt for his Apollo 7 mission; what was Mr. Wendt's job?
  A.   Mission Control Leader
  B.   Communications Specialist, Team Leader
  C.   Pad Leader
  D.   Fuel Specialist and Launch Countdown "Voice"

7. Shirra got an award for broadcasting from Apollo 7; what was the award?
  A.   Howard Cosell Broadcast Award and Statue
  B.   An Emmy Award
  C.   Golden Globe Award; Best Documentary
  D.   A Razzie Award, for being a big ham when he got the eye of the world.

8. Shirra took Actifed to relieve the symptoms of his cold, but his crew became so grumpy, it caused what to happen?
  A.   NASA turned off the capsule lights and made them take a nap.
  B.   Deke Slayton had to have a private talk with them, and tell them to "calm the hell down!"
  C.   NONE of the three crew members were ever sent to space again.
  D.   they were disciplined upon return to Earth.

9. How many MIG fighter planes did Shirra shoot down or damage during the Korean War?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   5

10. Shirra was buried at sea, from the deck of what ship?
  A.   USS Ronald Reagan
  B.   USS Carl Vinson
  C.   USS George Bush
  D.   USS Pueblo®   

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