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Trivia Quiz - Neil Armstrong: Astronaut and Naval Aviator

Some questions about the first human to land on the moon!

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Date Submitted: August 27, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Neil A Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong Astronaut and Naval Aviator
(Image Source: Neil Armstrong @ National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

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1. What rank did Armstrong achieve as a boyscout?
  A.   Scout
  B.   Tenderfoot
  C.   Life Scout
  D.   Eagle Scout

2. Armstrong studied aerospace engineering at Purdue University; what other famous institution accepted Armstrong?
  A.   MIT
  B.   Harvard
  C.   Yale
  D.   Ohio State

3. What interrupted Armstrong's college career?
  A.   Service in the US Army
  B.   Service in the US Marine Corp
  C.   Service in the US Navy
  D.   Professional Baseball career

4. Armstrong flew with another legendary pilot flying a T-33 Shooting Star, was to test out Smith Ranch Dry Lake for use as an emergency landing site. The plane got stuck in the mud at the dry lake . . . who was the other pilot?
  A.   John Glenn
  B.   Chuck Yeager
  C.   Charles Lindburg
  D.   Jimmy Stewart

5. Armstrong made seven flights in the X-15; what was the highest altitude he reached?
  A.   207,500 ft
  B.   175,700 ft
  C.   107,500 ft
  D.   105,700 ft

6. Who was the astronaut that remained on the Command Module orbiting the moon when Armstrong explored the surface of the moon?
  A.   David Scott
  B.   Buzz Aldrin
  C.   Michael Collins
  D.   Jim Lovell

7. What was the fastest speed Armstrong reached on the X-15?
  A.   2,000 mph
  B.   3,000 mph
  C.   3,500 mph
  D.   4,000 mph

8. When landing on the moon, Armstrong had to take action to protect the module; what action did he take?
  A.   Take manual control to make sure a safe landing site was reached.
  B.   Abort the landing, and orbit the moon another time.
  C.   Reset computers that had overflow errors.
  D.   Sedate Aldrin, who was getting space happy.

9. What did Armstrong really say, when he stepped onto the moon?
  A.   Back up, Buzz, I go first!
  B.   Houston, it is mighty dusty up here.
  C.   That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
  D.   Come on in, Buzz, the water is fine!

10. What US President chatted with Armstrong when Armstrong was on the moon surface?
  A.   Kennedy
  B.   Johnson
  C.   Nixon
  D.   Carter®   

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