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Trivia Quiz - Deke Slayton

Donald Kent Slayton (March 1, 1924 – June 13, 1993), better known as Deke Slayton, was an American World War II pilot and later, one of the original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts.

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Date Submitted: November 20, 2011
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Quiz is about: Deke Slayton

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Deke Slayton
(Image Source: Deke Slayton Public Domain Photo)

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1. Slayton had a farm accident as a child, and lost an appendage. What was the appendage?
  A.   Left ring finger.
  B.   Left big toe.
  C.   Right ring finger.
  D.   Right big toe.

2. Slayton was selected to pilot the second US manned orbital flight, but he was replaced. Why?
  A.   Slayton became agrophobic, and declined the mission.
  B.   Slayton's wife became ill, and he declined the mission.
  C.   Slayton developed a heart murmur, and was medically disqualified.
  D.   Slayton left NASA to join the Navy Aquanaut program.

3. As a WWII pilot, what type of planes did Slayton fly, and where was he stationed?
  A.   Bombers in Europe.
  B.   Fighters in Europe.
  C.   Bombers in the European and Pacific theaters.
  D.   Fighters in the European and Pacific theaters.

4. What was Slayton's unofficial title at NASA after he was grounded?
  A.   Chief Astronaut
  B.   NASA Boss
  C.   Ground Pilot Chief
  D.   The Director

5. In 1972, Slayton left the administrative side of NASA to accept what mission?
  A.   Slayton became a Naval Aquanaut.
  B.   Slayton was selected as docking module pilot for the Apollo-Soyuz Project.
  C.   Slayton was selected to command the USS Nimitz.
  D.   Slayton ran for Senate in Wisconsin, and was elected.

6. When Slayton went on the Apollo mission he was the oldest person assigned to a spaceflight up to that time. How old was Slayton?
  A.   48
  B.   51
  C.   54
  D.   57

7. Slayton remained active in space exploration after retiring from NASA. One of his truimphs was:
  A.   sending a satellite into the orbit of Mars.
  B.   sending the first privately funded rocket into space.
  C.   robot mining between Earth and the Moon.
  D.   Designing a two person escape craft for space stations.

8. Slayton held the record for being the oldest astronaut until this former collegue went on a space shuttle mission:
  A.   Scott Carpenter
  B.   Gus Grissom
  C.   Alan Shepard
  D.   John Glenn

9. Slayton was hospitalized in July of 1975; why?
  A.   Exposure to noxious fumes during the Apollo mission.
  B.   A spot on his lung.
  C.   He was in a motorcycle accident.
  D.   Both A and B.

10. Many of the astronauts from the 1960s through the 1980s found out why they were selected for missions when :
  A.   Newspapers called them.
  B.   They read Slayton's autobiography.
  C.   Slayton explained his thoughts to their wives or girlfriends.
  D.   They never were given an explanation.®   

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