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Trivia Quizzes - World Culture

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 The Chinese Zodiac and New YearWorld Culture, Chinese History  dave71765.3
3 Famous New ZealandersHistory, World Culture  grant228482.5
4 Religious Mixed BagReligion, World Culture  grant22817950.2
5 VoltaireWorld Culture, Authors, French History  grant22812749.4
6 Dalai Lama - Spiritual LeaderReligion, World Culture  grant2284651.1
7 King Arthur and His KnightsWorld Culture, British History  grant22843048.9
8 Leonardo da Vinci - Polymath Par ExcellenceFine Arts, Artists, World Culture, ScientistsLeonardo da Vinci  grant2285738.8
9 National AnthemsMusic, World Culture  grant2284736.8
10 Gold QuizHistory, World Culture  grant2288053.3
11 Mythical MonstersLiterature, World Culture  grant22811265.4
12 Myths and Legends in Literature IIFiction Books, World Culture  grant2287258.1
13 Famous People Named SmithHistory, World Culture  grant22855260.9
14 Greek God CounterpartsLiterature, Fictional Characters, World Culture  grant22820575.4
15 The Affairs of JupiterLiterature, Fictional Characters, World Culture  grant2284148.5
16 Myths and Legends in LiteratureLiterature, World Culture  grant22814053.1
17 Official Languages of Select CountriesWorld Culture, Geography  FRANKL196515844.2
18 Robin Hood: Legendary OutlawLiterature, Fictional Characters, World Culture  11766.3

Grand Averages for these 17 Quizzes     55.8®   

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