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Trivia Quiz - Robin Hood: Legendary Outlaw

Some interesting facts about the life of Robin Hood, the mysterious figure from medieval folklore.

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Date Submitted: September 02, 2012
Quiz Categories: Literature, Fictional Characters, World Culture
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Robin Hood Legendary Outlaw
(Image Source: Robin Hood)

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1. In what area is Robin Hood generally believed to have operated out of?
  A.   The Black Forest
  B.   Sherwood Forest
  C.   The Petrified Forest
  D.   The Brazillian Rainforest

2. Robin Hood is said to have led a small band of outlaws in his various adventures. What were they named?
  A.   The Roustabouts
  B.   The Merry Thieves
  C.   The Merry Men
  D.   The Sherwood Slinkers

3. Robin Hood's prowess with what particular weapon of his time contributed greatly to his legend?
  A.   The Longbow
  B.   The Mace
  C.   The Cutlass
  D.   The Nunchaku's

4. Which one of these colorful, historical figures was said to be among Robin's crew?
  A.   John Little
  B.   Will Scarlett
  C.   Allan A'Dayle
  D.   All of the Above

5. The first modern references to the character of Robin Hood were found in a late-14th-century poem. What was it called?
  A.   Piers Anthony
  B.   Tales of Shyrwood
  C.   Piers Plowman
  D.   The Green Plowman

6. Robin was typically portrayed as a supporter of the 12th century king, Richard the Lionheart. While he was away at the Crusades, who was in rule of England?
  A.   Prince Edward
  B.   Prince George
  C.   Prince William
  D.   Prince John

7. Robin Hood was originally cast as being of the 'yeoman' or middle class, but several renditions of his legend elevated him to what title?
  A.   Earl of Nottinghamshire
  B.   Earl of Huntingdon
  C.   Duke of Sherwood
  D.   Marquis of Exeter

8. Robin was typically portrayed as being at odds with which public official?
  A.   Constable of Sherwood
  B.   Sheriff of Canterbury
  C.   Cardinal of Wellow
  D.   Sheriff of Nottingham

9. Robin Hood has been known by more than one name in history. Which one of these would be one of the recorded variations?
  A.   Robert Hood
  B.   Robin of Loxley
  C.   Robyn Hode
  D.   All of the Above

10. Which one of these well known actors DID NOT play Robin Hood at some point in their career?
  A.   Sean Connery
  B.   Kevin Costner
  C.   Cary Grant
  D.   Errol Flynn®   

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