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Trivia Quiz - The Affairs of Jupiter

Jupiter (Zeus) was the husband of Juno (Hera) but this didn't stop him coupling with others. Find each of his paramours.

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Date Submitted: January 02, 2010
Quiz Categories: Literature, Fictional Characters, World Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Affairs of Jupiter
(Image Source: Metasymbology)

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1. Jupiter swallowed her to stop her giving birth but the offspring, Minerva, sprang fully formed from his head.
  A.   Agave
  B.   Metis
  C.   Phaedra
  D.   Vesta

2. She was the goddess of justice and gave birth to the Fates:
  A.   Dido
  B.   Harmonia
  C.   Penelope
  D.   Themis

3. A sister of Jupiter and goddess of crops who gave birth to Persephone:
  A.   Aglaia
  B.   Ceres
  C.   Clytie
  D.   Rhea

4. Mother of Apollo and Diana. While fleeing a vengeful Juno, she changed some men of Lycia into frogs after they had insulted her.
  A.   Dione
  B.   Latona
  C.   Pandora
  D.   Thalia

5. One of the Pleiades. She gave birth to Mercury:
  A.   Admeta
  B.   Maia
  C.   Niobe
  D.   Eurydice

6. Lightning killed her when Jupiter appeared before her in his full glory. Had previously given birth to Bacchus.
  A.   Danae
  B.   Hygeia
  C.   Imogen
  D.   Semele

7. Disguised as a white bull, Jupiter carried her off to the island of Crete where she gave birth to Minos.
  A.   Circe
  B.   Europa
  C.   Hebe
  D.   Psyche

8. She gave birth to Castor and Pollux, Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra after Jupiter visited her in the form of a swan.
  A.   Leda
  B.   Nephele
  C.   Omphale
  D.   Orithyia

9. This goddess of memory and Jupiter produced the Nine Muses:
  A.   Aethra
  B.   Electra
  C.   Lucina
  D.   Mnemosyne

10. Jupiter assumed the form of this woman's husband and visited her during the husband's absence. Hercules was the result of the deception.
  A.   Amymone
  B.   Alcmena
  C.   Hero
  D.   Iris®   

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