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Trivia Quiz - Myths and Legends in Literature

Some famous characters from the world of Greek and Roman mythology

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Date Submitted: July 20, 2009
Quiz Categories: Literature, World Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Myths and Legends in Literature
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1. I flew too close to the sun with my wings held together by wax and fell into the sea:
  A.   Daedalus
  B.   Icarus
  C.   Theseus
  D.   Bacchus

2. I rejected the love of Echo and fell in love with my reflection:
  A.   Cupid
  B.   Narcissus
  C.   Ganymede
  D.   Atlas

3. My name is Greek for "butterfly" and I was the lover of Cupid:
  A.   Dryope
  B.   Proserpine
  C.   Callisto
  D.   Psyche

4. I was a monster with 100 eyes. After I was killed, my eyes were placed on the peacock's tail by Juno to honor my services to her:
  A.   Argus
  B.   Argo
  C.   Scylla
  D.   Vulcan

5. My tears fall as dew each morning as I mourn my dead son, Memnon:
  A.   Latona
  B.   Pandora
  C.   Andromeda
  D.   Aurora

6. I sculpted the ideal woman from stone who then became a real person:
  A.   Hero
  B.   Prometheus
  C.   Cupid
  D.   Pygmalion

7. I ate my children and became analagous with the concept of time:
  A.   Titan
  B.   Vulcan
  C.   Saturn
  D.   Mercury

8. My husband and my seven sons and daughters were slain by Apollo. I became a weeping waterfall with my tears still flowing to this day:
  A.   Niobe
  B.   Pandora
  C.   Atlanta
  D.   Galatea

9. I slew the gorgon, Medusa:
  A.   Prometheus
  B.   Perseus
  C.   Jason
  D.   Hercules

10. I married my mother and when I discovered what I had done, I tore out my eyes:
  A.   Laocoon
  B.   Pyramus
  C.   Hector
  D.   Oedipus®   

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