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Trivia Quizzes - Geography

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 America's National BattlefieldsU.S. History, Geography  Secret_Author15043.8
2 America's National MonumentsGeography  Secret_Author23230.4
3 America's National Monuments: Part 2Geography  Secret_Author14827.8
4 America's National Monuments: Part 3Geography  Secret_Author4148.3
5 America's National Monuments: Part 4Geography  Secret_Author12131.2
6 America's National ParksAmerican Culture, Geography  Secret_Author14265.6
7 America's National Parks: Part 2Geography, American Culture  Secret_Author6162.6
8 America's National Parks: Part 3American Culture, Geography  Secret_Author4964.5
9 American Theme Park LocationsAmerican Culture, Geography  FRANKL19654479.3
10 Asian Countries and CapitalsGeography  Ida May27771.3
11 Barbour County, West VirginiaGeography  scarlettem3162.9
12 Canadian Capital CitiesCanadian History, Geography  Joe_511668.1
13 Canadian Provinces' Capitals MatchGeography  bill5358.7
14 European Countries and CapitalsGeography  Ida May47777.5
15 European Countries and Capitals IIGeography  Ida May21585.5
16 Geographic Names Shared With Famous PeopleWorld History, Geography  grant22812254.3
17 Geographic Second Best QuizGeography  grant2287846.5
18 Greenland or Iceland?Geography  bill1969.5
19 Jackson, Michigan: An Interesting Place!Geography  cbliar24168.5
20 London: World's Cultural CapitalCulture, British History, Geography  bill3776.5
21 Mackinac BridgeTechnology, Geography  bill3864.2
22 Major U.S. AirportsGeography  FRANKL19654868.8
23 Major U.S. City NicknamesAmerican Culture, Geography  bill8992
24 Mexican Flag FactsGeography  bill3158.1
25 Mexican States Capital Match Quiz #1Geography  bill1064
26 Mexican States Capital Match Quiz #2Geography  bill2982.8
27 Mexican States Capital Match Quiz #3Geography  bill3584.4
28 Michigan Facts - This is Fun!Geography  trickymutha9051.7
29 National ParksGeography  Secret_Author943.3
30 New Jersey "Firsts"Amazing "Firsts" in History!, Geography  LittleLady18136.4
31 New Zealand FactsHistory, Culture, Geography  grant2281259.2
32 State Birds: Part IAnimals & Animal Study, Geography  FRANKL19652941.4
33 State Symbols: 2010 Official DesignationsGeography  FRANKL1965838.8
34 Tallest Buildings in the WorldGeography  FRANKL19653347.9
35 The American FlagU.S. History, American Government, American Culture, Geography  tazzytina8,03079.3
36 Time Zone DecodingGeography  FRANKL19654240
37 Toronto: Canadian Cultural & Financial GiantCanadian History, Geography  bill386.7
38 Tribal TerritoryCulture, Geography  grant2281162.7
39 U.S. Mountain PeaksGeography  FRANKL19651640
40 U.S. Newspapers: Part IBusiness, Geography  FRANKL19651971.6
41 U.S. Newspapers: Part IIBusiness, Geography  FRANKL19651250.8
42 U.S. State MottosAmerican Culture, Geography  tazzytina9839.3
43 U.S.A. - State NicknamesAmerican Culture, Geography  patrickryan11163.9
44 U.S.A. - State Nicknames IIAmerican Culture, Geography  patrickryan3954.3
45 U.S.A. - State Nicknames Match GameAmerican Culture, Geography  tazzytina32961.2
46 World CapitalsGeography  tazzytina22677.7
47 World Capitals: Part 2Geography  grant2285855.3

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