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Trivia Quiz - Famous New Zealanders

Sitting at the bottom of the world and with a population of just five million, New Zealand has punched well above its weight in many fields. Of the forty celebrated names below, pick the ten native New Zealanders.

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Date Submitted: May 15, 2021
Quiz Categories: History, World Culture
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Author: grant228
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Famous New Zealanders
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1. Which of the following famous mountaineers was born in Auckland in 1919?
  A.   John Hunt
  B.   George Mallory
  C.   Tenzing Norgay
  D.   Edmund Hillary

2. Which of the following famous movie directors is a New Zealander?
  A.   James Cameron
  B.   Luc Besson
  C.   Peter Jackson
  D.   Tim Burton

3. Which of the following scientific giants was born in New Zealand?
  A.   Stephen Hawking
  B.   Ernest Rutherford
  C.   Michael Faraday
  D.   Francis Crick

4. Which of the following Oklahoma City Thunder players was born in New Zealand?
  A.   Steven Adams
  B.   Russell Westbrook
  C.   Paul George
  D.   Chris Paul

5. Which of the following female action stars was born in New Zealand?
  A.   Lynda Carter- Wonder Woman
  B.   Lindsay Wagner - The Bionic Woman
  C.   Lucy Lawless - Xena, Warrior Princess
  D.   Yvonne Craig - Batgirl

6. Which of the following opera divas is a New Zealander by birth?
  A.   Joan Sutherland
  B.   Kiri Te Kanawa
  C.   Maria Callas
  D.   Nellie Melba

7. Which of the following Formula 1 drivers was a New Zealander, leaving behind a legacy of motor engine development?
  A.   Bruce McLaren
  B.   Jack Brabham
  C.   Frank Williams
  D.   Stirling Moss

8. Which of the following country singers is a native New Zealander?
  A.   Shania Twain
  B.   Freddie Fender
  C.   Faith Hill
  D.   Keith Urban

9. Which of the stars below was born in New Zealand?
  A.   Mel Gibson
  B.   Hugh Jackman
  C.   Russell Crowe
  D.   Eddie Redmayne

10. Who was New Zealander bike enthusiast immortalized on film as "The World's Fastest Indian"?
  A.   Burt Munro
  B.   Mike Hailwood
  C.   Eddie Lawson
  D.   Fergus Anderson®   

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