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Trivia Quizzes - Progressive Rock

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Camel: Progressive Rock BandProgressive Rock  bill15558.1
3 Angel: Glam Rock BandProgressive Rock, Glam Rock  bill5678.4
4 Glass Hammer: Emerging Progressive Rock LeadersProgressive Rock  bill3185.2
5 Porcupine TreeProgressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock  bill12076.3
6 Primus: American Rock BandProgressive Rock, Alternative Rock  bill4080.3
7 The Alan Parsons ProjectProgressive Rock, Rock Music  bill6977.7
8 King Crimson: The 60s, 70s and 80sProgressive Rock  bill18171.7
9 Genesis: The First DecadePop Music, Progressive Rock  catherine59968.1
10 Led Zeppelin: The Later Years (1975-1980)Progressive Rock  bill16871.6
11 Rock Music: What Instrument Do I Play?Progressive Rock  Ummagumma22478.7
12 Match the Proggressive Rocker with the BandProgressive Rock  yarstruly14965.8
13 Rock Bands and the Songs They Didn't RecordProgressive Rock  yarstruly15068.8
14 Emerson, Lake and PalmerProgressive Rock  bill13587.8
15 Marillion: British Progressive Rock BandProgressive Rock  GhostWorks21573.9
16 Pink Floyd Lyric MatchProgressive Rock  dave39872.1
17 Jon Anderson: Yes Co-FounderProgressive Rock, Yes, SingersJon Anderson  yarstruly18370.9
18 Chris Squire: Bassist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesChris Squire  yarstruly35388.6
19 Frank Zappa: American Musican and ComposerProgressive Rock, Singers, Alternative RockFrank Zappa  scarlettem28969.5
20 Rick Wakeman: Legendary Keyboard PlayerProgressive RockRick Wakeman  bill16765
21 Steve Howe: Guitarist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesSteve Howe  yarstruly22562.3
22 Alan White: Drummer ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesAlan White  yarstruly11575.5
23 Tony Kaye: Master KeyboardistProgressive Rock, YesTony Kaye  yarstruly6569.5
24 Trevor Rabin: Musician, Vocalist and SongwriterProgressive Rock, YesTrevor Rabin  yarstruly8276.5
25 Patrick Moraz: Keyboardist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, Yes, Rock MusicPatrick Moraz  yarstruly7073.4

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