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Trivia Quiz - Steve Howe: Guitarist Extraordinaire

Answer these questions about Steve Howe, most famous for his work with Yes.

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Date Submitted: September 10, 2009
Quiz Categories: Progressive Rock, Yes
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: yarstruly
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Quiz is about: Steve Howe

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Steve Howe Guitarist Extraordinaire
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1. With what band did Steve Howe have a minor UK hit, prior to his joining Yes?
  A.   Bodast
  B.   Tomorrow
  C.   The Syndicats
  D.   The In Crowd

2. Which of these bands offered Steve Howe a position?
  A.   Jethro Tull
  B.   Fairport Convention
  C.   The Incredible String Band
  D.   The Yardbirds

3. While Howe has been known to play many different makes & models of guitars, which of these had the honor of having it's own seat on the Concorde, under the name "Mr. Gibson"?
  A.   Gibson Les Paul
  B.   Gibson SG
  C.   Gibson ES 175
  D.   Gibson Explorer

4. With which of these bands has Howe NOT been a member?
  A.   Marillion
  B.   Yes
  C.   Asia
  D.   GTR

5. Howe recorded a song named after which continent on one of his solo albums?
  A.   Europe
  B.   Asia
  C.   Africa
  D.   Australia

6. What is the CORRECT name of the Howe solo piece from 1970's "The Yes Album?"
  A.   The Clap
  B.   Clap
  C.   Clapping
  D.   Clapped

7. With what other notable progressive rock guitarist did Howe form a band in the mid-80s?
  A.   Steve Hackett
  B.   Steve Hillage
  C.   Kerry Livgren
  D.   David Gilmour

8. What are the names of Steve Howe's 2 sons who have followed in his footsteps by entering the music business?
  A.   Dylan & Vernon
  B.   Steve Jr. & Virgil
  C.   Dylan & Virgil
  D.   Dylan & Steve Jr.

9. In 1999, Steve Howe recorded an album of his arrangements of songs written by who?
  A.   Bruce Springsteen
  B.   Bob Dylan
  C.   Lou Reed
  D.   Leonard Cohen

10. Prior to joining Yes, Howe played in what British singer's back-up band?
  A.   Marianne Faithfull
  B.   Petula Clark
  C.   P.P. Arnold
  D.   Dusty Springfield®   

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