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Trivia Quiz - Patrick Moraz: Keyboardist Extraordinaire

Answer these questions about Patrick Moraz.

Quiz Number: 3192
Date Submitted: September 11, 2009
Quiz Categories: Progressive Rock, Yes, Rock Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: yarstruly
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Quiz is about: Patrick Moraz

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Patrick Moraz Keyboardist Extraordinaire
(Image Source: Patrick Moraz @ Echoes-Music)

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1. From what county is Patrick Moraz?
  A.   Sweeden
  B.   Norway
  C.   Switzerland
  D.   Finland

2. With which of the following bands did Moraz NOT play?
  A.   Yes
  B.   Refugee
  C.   Mainhorse
  D.   The Nice

3. Which of the following Yes albums features Moraz on keyboards?
  A.   Fragile
  B.   Relayer
  C.   Tormato
  D.   Drama

4. What is the name of Moraz's first solo album?
  A.   Timecode
  B.   Human Interface
  C.   The Story of I
  D.   Out of the Sun

5. Moraz sued which of his former bands for unpaid royalties? hint: the trial played out on Court TV!
  A.   Yes
  B.   Refugee
  C.   Mainhorse
  D.   The Moody Blues

6. Moraz recorded two duet albums with which other Yes alumnus?
  A.   Steve Howe
  B.   Jon Anderson
  C.   Bill Bruford
  D.   Peter Banks

7. Which album marked Moraz's studio debut with the Moody Blues?
  A.   The Other Side of Life
  B.   A Question of Balance
  C.   Octave
  D.   Long Distance Voyager

8. Moraz has recorded with what jazz fusion icon?
  A.   John McLaughlin
  B.   Chick Corea
  C.   Al DiMiola
  D.   Herbie Hancock

9. What is the name of Moraz's recording studio?
  A.   Aquarius
  B.   Libra
  C.   Capricorn
  D.   Virgo

10. Which of the following Yes epic songs showcases Moraz?
  A.   Close to the Edge
  B.   Ritual
  C.   The Gates of Delirium
  D.   Mind Drive®   

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