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Trivia Quiz - Tony Kaye: Master Keyboardist

Answer these questions about Keyboardist Tony Kaye....

Quiz Number: 3190
Date Submitted: September 11, 2009
Quiz Categories: Progressive Rock, Yes
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: yarstruly
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Quiz is about: Tony Kaye

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Tony Kaye Master Keyboardist
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1. While he plays many types of keyboards, Tony is best known for his work on what specific type of keyboard?
  A.   Farfiza Organ
  B.   Mini-Moog
  C.   Hammond B-3 Organ
  D.   Yamaha Clavinova

2. What is Tony's birth name?
  A.   Antonio Kristoff
  B.   Anthony John Selvidge
  C.   John Anthony Kaye
  D.   Kraig Anthony

3. Which of these bands never had Tony as a member?
  A.   Detective
  B.   Flash
  C.   Badger
  D.   The Moody Blues

4. After Tony and original Yes guitarist Peter Banks departed Yes, they played together in which band?
  A.   Flash
  B.   Badger
  C.   Badfinger
  D.   Circa

5. What classic rock band did Tony join for a brief time in 1981?
  A.   Blue Oyster Cult
  B.   Fleetwood Mac
  C.   Badfinger
  D.   Steppenwolf

6. Disputes with what Yes member reportedly led to Tony's departure in 1971?
  A.   Jon Anderson
  B.   Bill Bruford
  C.   Chris Squire
  D.   Steve Howe

7. Tony toured with which musical icon in 1975-76?
  A.   Rod Stewart
  B.   Eric Clapton
  C.   Joe Cocker
  D.   David Bowie

8. In 1983 Tony joined with Chris Squire, Alan White & Trevor Rabin to form a band that was originally to be called what?
  A.   Theater
  B.   Cinema
  C.   Stadium
  D.   Opera

9. Which of these Yes albums does NOT have Tony Kaye playing on it?
  A.   The Yes Album
  B.   Close to the Edge
  C.   Time and a Word
  D.   90125

10. In 2006, Tony began playing in a group featuring Ex-Yes man Billy Sherwood, and originally included long-time Yes drummer Alan White. What is the name of this band?
  A.   Detective
  B.   Circa
  C.   Badger
  D.   Flash®   

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