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Trivia Quiz - Rock Bands and the Songs They Didn't Record

I will list a band and 4 album titles. You choose the one that is NOT by that band. -yarstruly

Quiz Number: 1653
Date Submitted: October 04, 2007
Quiz Categories: Progressive Rock
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: yarstruly
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Rock Bands and the Songs They Didnt Record
(Image Source: Queen)

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1. Queen:
  A.   A Day At The Races
  B.   News of the World
  C.   The Grand Illusion
  D.   The Game

2. Jethro Tull:
  A.   Aqualung
  B.   Drama
  C.   Thick as a Brick
  D.   A

3. Yes:
  A.   A Question of Balance
  B.   Time and a Word
  C.   Going For the One
  D.   Talk

4. ELP:
  A.   Tarkus
  B.   Love Beach
  C.   Brain Salad Surgery
  D.   Mirage

5. The Moody Blues:
  A.   Octave
  B.   The Land of Grey and Pink
  C.   Days of Future Passed
  D.   The Other Side of Life

6. Genesis:
  A.   Duke
  B.   Trespass
  C.   Monolith
  D.   Calling All Stations

7. Rush:
  A.   Beginnings
  B.   Signals
  C.   Test For Echo
  D.   Snakes & Arrows

8. King Crimson:
  A.   Red
  B.   Discipline
  C.   Fragile
  D.   Thrak

9. Kansas:
  A.   Leftoverture
  B.   Freaks of Nature
  C.   Song for America
  D.   Indelibly Stamped

10. Dream Theater:
  A.   Empire
  B.   Images & Words
  C.   Awake
  D.   Systematic Chaos®   

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