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Trivia Quizzes - Country Music

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Johnny Winter or Edgar Winter?Jazz and Blues, Country Music, Southern Rock  bill5772.6
3 Glen CampbellMusic, Country MusicGlen Campbell  bill25257.7
4 The Judds' Song Album MatchCountry Music  bill7653.6
5 Porter Wagoner: County Music LegendCountry Music, SingersPorter Wagoner  bill21859.3
6 Johnny CashCountry Music, Folk MusicJohnny Cash  dave85158.3
7 Mike Nesmith: More Than Just a Monkee!Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, The MonkeesMichael Nesmith  madman32362.9
8 Kenny Rogers: The GamblerCountry Music, SingersKenny Rogers  martha28044.4
9 Taylor Swift: Secret Messages Part 2Country Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie3548.9
10 Taylor Swift: Secret MessagesCountry Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie7161.3
11 Jimmy Buffett "Songs You Know by Heart"Country Music, SingersJimmy Buffett  lmcubs20772.9
12 Taylor Swift: Country Singing SensationCountry MusicTaylor Swift  lmcubs19162.6
13 Reba McEntire - "The Queen of Country"Television Stars, Country MusicReba McEntire  lmcubs24257.1
14 Country Love Songs: 1950's - 80'sCountry Music  lmcubs47468.6
15 Jimmy Buffett: Boomer IconCountry MusicJimmy Buffett  lmcubs1,26554.5
16 Dolly Parton - A Big Star!Movie Stars, Country MusicDolly Parton  lmcubs42071
17 Garth Brooks - Country Singer for the AgesCountry MusicGarth Brooks  lmcubs33359.7
18 Who Sang These Songs?Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec65358.7
19 George Strait: Country Music Star!Country MusicGeorge Strait  phonerec69473.9
20 Who Sang These Songs? Part 2Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec47560.3
21 Jim Reeves: Country Music StarCountry Music, Pop MusicJim Reeves  scarlettem25163.5
22 Hank Williams: Super Singer and SongwriterCountry MusicHank Williams  scarlettem23263.3
23 Country Singers in the MoviesMovies, Country Music  scarlettem40665.9
24 Classic Country Music Lyric-Title MatchCountry Music  scarlettem1,55469.7
25 Jack Clement: Legendary SingerCountry MusicJack Clement  scarlettem2053
26 Tom T. Hall: Country Music Star!Country MusicTom T Hall  scarlettem14859.3
27 The Statler Brothers: Country GentlemenMusic, Country Music  scarlettem21962.8
28 Waylon Jennings: Country OutlawCountry MusicWaylon Jennings  scarlettem40372.2
29 Toby Keith: Handsome Country SingerCountry MusicToby Keith  scarlettem20258.8
30 Marty Robbins: Country Music LegendCountry MusicMarty Robbins  scarlettem16852.1
31 Willie Nelson: Country Music LegendCountry MusicWillie Nelson  scarlettem36657
32 John Hiatt: American MusicianCountry MusicJohn Hiatt  scarlettem3461.5
33 Loretta Lynn: Country Music SensationCountry MusicLoretta Lynn  scarlettem68381.1
34 Ira Louvin: Country MusicianCountry MusicIra Louvin  scarlettem2862.1
35 Mary Chapin Carpenter: Talented Country SingerCountry MusicMary Chapin Carpenter  0zero020870.2
36 Kitty Wells: "The Queen of Country Music"Country MusicKitty Wells  0zero08037.3
37 The Allman Brothers Band: A Super Southern Rock BandCountry Music, Southern Rock  0zero028769.2
38 Tammy Wynette: First Lady of Country MusicCountry Music, SingersTammy Wynette  0zero028148
39 Dixie Chicks: "Fly" LyricsCountry Music  zendyk9358.3
40 Ray Stevens: Novelty Song WriterComedians, Country Music, SingersRay Stevens  dartjock8039.3
41 Merle Haggard- Country Music OutlawCountry MusicMerle Haggard  dartjock26750.6
42 George Jones- Country Music LegendCountry MusicGeorge Jones  dartjock30059.2
43 John Denver Song LyricsMusic, Country Music, Folk Music, SingersJohn Denver  BENJ9510667.2
44 John DenverCountry Music, Folk Music, SingersJohn Denver  BENJ9547863

Grand Averages for these 43 Quizzes     60.5®   

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