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Trivia Quiz - Reba McEntire - "The Queen of Country"

What do you know about the talented Reba McEntire? We got awesome Reba McEntire trivia right here!

Quiz Number: 3028
Date Submitted: December 29, 2008
Quiz Categories: Television Stars, Country Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 57.1 percent
Times Taken: 242 times
Taken by Registered Users: 9
Quiz is about: Reba McEntire

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Reba McEntire  The Queen of Country
(Image Source: Reba McEntire @ Emol)

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1. When was Reba's first time behind a microphone on a stage?
  A.   First grade
  B.   Fourth grade
  C.   Freshman in high school
  D.   Freshman in college

2. When she was 11, what did Reba begin to do?
  A.   Write her own songs
  B.   Drive a tractor on the family ranch
  C.   Compete in rodeos
  D.   Start high school

3. What year did Reba McEntire sign her first record deal?
  A.   1984
  B.   1981
  C.   1979
  D.   1975

4. The title of Reba's first number 1 song is:
  A.   "Whoever's in New England"
  B.   "Can't Even Get the Blues"
  C.   "Fancy"
  D.   "Every Other Weekend"

5. Reba graduated from SE Oklahoma State with a degree in:
  A.   Elementary Education
  B.   Environmental Science
  C.   Liberal Arts
  D.   Theology

6. On March 16, 1991 tragedy struck Reba McEntire's life, what happened?
  A.   Her husband was killed in a car accident
  B.   Her brother was trampled by a horse
  C.   Plane crash killed band members
  D.   A runaway truck rammed her parents' home

7. Reba starred on Broadway in this musical revival:
  A.   "Annie Get Your Gun"
  B.   "My Fair Lady'
  C.   "White Christmas"
  D.   "Oklahoma"

8. What pop singer co-stars with Reba in the video "Is There Life Out There?"
  A.   Kelly Clarkson
  B.   Sting
  C.   Huey Lewis
  D.   Darius Rucker

9. What network first produced the TV sitcom "Reba?"
  A.   CW
  B.   WB
  C.   Lifetime
  D.   CBS

10. Reba McEntire endorses a product in each of the following categories, EXCEPT:
  A.   home fashions
  B.   shoes
  C.   clothes
  D.   perfume®   

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