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Trivia Quiz - Kitty Wells: "The Queen of Country Music"

This quiz contains a few questions about the first female country star. The best Kitty Wells trivia is right here!

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Date Submitted: January 04, 2009
Quiz Categories: Country Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
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Quiz is about: Kitty Wells

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Kitty Wells The Queen of Country Music
(Image Source: Kitty Wells @ PhotoBucket)

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1. What is the birth name of Kitty Wells?
  A.   Esther Mae Beason
  B.   Ellen Muriel Deason
  C.   Estelle Marie Denson
  D.   Etta Louise Benson

2. Where was Kitty Wells born?
  A.   Raleigh NC
  B.   Dallas TX
  C.   Nashville TN
  D.   Richmond VA

3. At age 18, Kitty Wells married Johnnie Wright, an aspiring country music singer. What was his regular job when the two married?
  A.   traveling salesman
  B.   cabinet maker
  C.   car salesman
  D.   preacher

4. With what record label did Kitty Wells sign in 1949?
  A.   RCA Records
  B.   Decca Records
  C.   Tempo Records
  D.   Sun Records

5. How much was the recording payment that Kitty Wells got for recording "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels"?
  A.   $125
  B.   $150
  C.   $200
  D.   $250

6. What country star did Kitty Wells partner up with for the duet "One by One" in 1954?
  A.   Hank Thompson
  B.   Webb Pierce
  C.   Red Foley
  D.   Porter Wagoner

7. What was the name of the syndicated television program in which Kitty Wells and her husband, Johnnie Wright starred in 1969?
  A.   "The Kitty Wells/Johnny Wright Family Show"
  B.   "Kitty and Johnny"
  C.   "The Kountry Kitty Show"
  D.   "The Kitty Wells Show"

8. What year was Kitty Wells inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame?
  A.   1975
  B.   1976
  C.   1978
  D.   1979

9. After signing with Capricorn Records in 1974, Kitty Wells recorded a blues-flavored album titled "Forever Young", on which she was backed by members of what band?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   Allman Brothers Band
  C.   Marshall Tucker Band
  D.   Wet Willie

10. What was the name of the record label that Kitty Wells and her husband formed in the late 1970's?
  A.   Rubocca
  B.   Kitty Play Records
  C.   Abacus
  D.   JK Records®   

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