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Trivia Quiz - The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean has lapped the shores of some of the world's most ancient civilizations. Test your knowledge of this exotic body of water.

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Date Submitted: March 20, 2015
Quiz Categories: Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Indian Ocean

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1. The Indian Ocean makes up what fraction of the world's oceans?
  A.   1/2
  B.   1/3
  C.   1/5
  D.   1/7

2. Which of the following facts related to the Indian Ocean is not true?
  A.   It contains the world's largest gulf.
  B.   It has the fewest number of trenches.
  C.   It has a northern border comprising only land.
  D.   It is the youngest of the world's oceans.

3. Early European seafarers used what westerly wind to aid their voyages in the Indian Ocean?
  A.   Roaring Forties
  B.   Roaring Fifties
  C.   Roaring Sixties
  D.   Roaring Seventies

4. Which part of the Indian Ocean is the least saline?
  A.   Persian Gulf
  B.   Cape of Good Hope
  C.   Bay of Bengal
  D.   Great Australian Bight

5. What is the most valuable mineral resource found in the Indian Ocean?
  A.   manganese
  B.   natural gas
  C.   chromite
  D.   oil

6. Which of the following cities does not border the Indian Ocean?
  A.   Perth, Australia
  B.   Mumbai, India
  C.   Karachi, Pakistan
  D.   Tehran, Iran

7. Which of the following ports is not located in the Indian Ocean?
  A.   Fremantle, Australia
  B.   Singapore
  C.   Mombasa, Kenya
  D.   Kolkata, India

8. Which of the following facts related to the Indian Ocean is not true?
  A.   It is the world's warmest ocean.
  B.   It expands by approximately 20 cm per year.
  C.   Its current changes direction twice per annum.
  D.   It has the highest level of oxygenated water of the world's oceans.

9. What is the largest sea found in the Indian Ocean?
  A.   Java Sea
  B.   Red Sea
  C.   Andaman Sea
  D.   Arabian Sea

10. Which of the following rivers does not flow into the Indian Ocean?
  A.   Ganges
  B.   Zambesi
  C.   Congo
  D.   Brahmaputra®   

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