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Trivia Quiz - Geography of Antarctica

It is the least populated continent on the planet and affects much of the world's weather. Test your knowledge of one of the world's last wildernesses.

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Date Submitted: December 22, 2014
Quiz Categories: Geography, Oceanic Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Geography of Antarctica

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1. Where does Antarctica rank in size in comparison with the other continents?
  A.   largest
  B.   third largest
  C.   fifth largest
  D.   seventh largest

2. Antarctica is a place of extremes. Which of the following does not apply to this continent?
  A.   It is the coldest.
  B.   It has the lowest overall elevation.
  C.   It is the windiest.
  D.   It is the driest.

3. What is the range of mountains that effectively divides Antarctica in two?
  A.   Transantarctic Mountains
  B.   Crosscontinent Range
  C.   The Scott Dividing Range
  D.   Terra Antarctic Range

4. What is the highest mountain on the Antarctic continent?
  A.   Mt Erebus
  B.   Big Ben
  C.   Vinson Massif
  D.   Mt Amundsen

5. Which of the following animals is not found in Antarctica?
  A.   fur seals
  B.   polar bears
  C.   blue whales
  D.   penguins

6. What country lays claim to the largest amount of Antarctic territory?
  A.   United Kingdom
  B.   Norway
  C.   New Zealand
  D.   Australia

7. The Antarctic continent is mostly covered by ice to what average depth?
  A.   2 km
  B.   5km
  C.   10km
  D.   15km

8. Although mining is forbidden by international treaty, what resource is thought to be the most plentiful in Antarctica?
  A.   iron ore
  B.   uranium
  C.   bauxite
  D.   coal

9. Approximately how large is the Antarctic continent in area?
  A.   7 million sq km
  B.   14 million sq km
  C.   21 million sq km
  D.   25 million sq km

10. Approximately how many people can be found living on Antarctica?
  A.   1,000
  B.   5,000
  C.   10,000
  D.   15,000®   

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