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Trivia Quiz - Bodies of Water

Ever wonder what the difference is between a Lake and a Pond, or a Sea and an Ocean? Well take this quiz and find out.

Quiz Number: 4802
Date Submitted: November 02, 2012
Quiz Categories: Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Bodies of Water

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1. What is a body of water called that's usually fresh water of considerable size and contained on a body of land?
  A.   A Harbor
  B.   A Pond
  C.   A River
  D.   A Lake

2. What is a major body of salt water that makes up a large part of a planet's Hydrosphere called?
  A.   A Sea
  B.   An Ocean
  C.   A Lake
  D.   A River

3. What is a shallow body of water separated from a deeper Sea by a shallow or exposed sandbank or similar feature called?
  A.   A Lagoon
  B.   A Harbor
  C.   A Bay
  D.   A Cove

4. What is a wetland featuring grasses, reeds, and other plants in shallow water called?
  A.   Wetlands
  B.   A Swamp
  C.   A Marsh
  D.   A Bayou

5. What is a large expanse of salt water connected to an Ocean called?
  A.   A Bay
  B.   A Harbor
  C.   A Sea
  D.   A Strait

6. What is a narrow channel of water that connects two larger bodies of water while laying in between two land masses called?
  A.   A Canal
  B.   A Strait
  C.   A Channel
  D.   A River

7. What is a small area of water bordered by land on three sides called?
  A.   An Inlet
  B.   A Cove
  C.   A Harbor
  D.   A Bay

8. What is a large body of water surrounded by land on three sides and connected to an Ocean called?
  A.   A Gulf
  B.   A Sea
  C.   An Inlet
  D.   A Bay

9. What is a natural waterway that flows from higher ground to lower ground, usually feeding into a larger body of water called?
  A.   A River
  B.   A Stream
  C.   A Creek
  D.   A Brook

10. What is a wetland with permanent inundations of large areas of land surrounded by shallow bodies of water called?
  A.   Marshland
  B.   A Swamp
  C.   A Bayou
  D.   A Marsh®   

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