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Trivia Quizzes - Christianity

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Roman Catholic ChurchChristianity  bill7177.9
3 Pope Benedict XVIChristianity, German HistoryPope Benedict XVI  bill2958.3
4 Fr. Jacques Marquette: Missionary & ExplorerChristianity, American History, European Age of DiscoveryJacques Marquette  bill9757.2
5 Pope FrancisChristianityPope Francis  bill24470.3
6 Jesus Christ: According to The BibleChristianity, The BibleJesus Christ  bill57460.7
7 Pope John Paul II the GreatChristianityJohn Paul II  krystal28149.2
8 Billy GrahamChristianityBilly Graham  dave22545.9
9 Papal Fun!!Christianity  charles20346.2
10 Great People in the BibleReligion, Christianity  GrantBeagle55969.4
11 Joan of ArcChristianity, French HistoryJoan of Arc  grant22814867
12 Patron SaintsChristianity, Culture  grant2285453
13 William Tyndale -The Father of the English BibleChristianity, British HistoryWilliam Tyndale  grant2287944.3
14 Jesus Christ - The Reason for ChristmasHistory, Religion, Christianity, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Jesus Christ  patrickryan11961.3
15 Grigori Rasputin: Mystic or Charlatan?Christianity, Russian HistoryGrigori Y Rasputin  patrickryan11453
16 Brigham Young: Morman Leader and ExplorerChristianity, American HistoryBrigham Young  patrickryan9864.1

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